How Turning 50 Inspired a Change in Career—and a Commitment to Staying Active


For Sunilda Vasquez, her fiftieth birthday was a game changer. “For 50 years, I’d been trying to please everybody. And being the good wife, the good daughter, the good this, the good that,” she says. But she was ready to start living on her own terms. “It was like: enough,” she says. “When am I going to live the life I want?” Now was the time.


After spending 20 years on Wall Street, Vasquez, now 53, decided to embark on a journey of self-fulfillment that included a wellness track and a new career as a certified life coach.

“As I was helping people with their money, I realized that I was doing more coaching about their feelings around money than investing,” she says. That, coupled with her own experience of being coached by a nutritional expert and losing 40 pounds in the process, was the push she needed for switching careers. “I want to help people where I feel they need it the most—and it was with the relationship with money, not just the investing,” she explains.

But her career change is only one of the ways the mom of two adult sons is staying true to her commitment to herself.

“I always had an inclination for dancing,” she notes—and a love for classic Hollywood dance numbers. In college, Vasquez had been part of a modern dance group as a way to combat her shyness, but she had filed away that part of her life until she decided to take up ballroom dancing, something she’s always wanted to try.

“It’s been a blast,” she says. “It’s a lot of fun—everything I expected.”

Ballroom dancing helps Vasquez stay active, as do regular rides on her stationary bike and strength training. “Staying active for me, now, is like buying insurance for better quality of life when I’m 70,” she says.

What I Eat In A Day

Here’s a snapshot of what one day of meals looks like for Sunilda to help you get inspired!


Coffee with oat milk


BOOST Max™ Women
Nutritional Shake


Uncured ham sandwich on sourdough bread with mayo


Baked chicken with jasmine rice and sweet potatoes


Wild blueberry, parsley leaf,coconut water, spirulina, barley grass juice smoothie.

To keep her body fueled with all that movement, Vasquez follows a macro diet, aiming to hit specific daily protein, carb, and fat targets. “The thing is, the protein is really, really, really hard to do,” she says, explaining that it’s tough to meet her protein goals while still keeping her fat intake low. Nutritional Shakes like BOOST MAX™ Women, which has 30 grams of protein in each bottle and 26 vitamins and minerals, as well as calcium for bone health, helps her do that. “It makes following my macros a breeze,” she says.

Ultimately, for Vasquez, being able to live the life she’s always wanted has been a dream. “I’ve been able to align my values with my life,” she says. She has her family’s support, as well as time for herself and others. “It’s like, wow, why did it take me so long to realize that I could do all this and be happy,” she says. “And more than that, satisfied. Feel satisfied because I’m doing something that I really, really enjoy. I’m living my passions—all of them.”

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