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6 Bedtime Wind-Down Habits for Better Sleep


We often get caught up in the activity of our days and forget to signal to our mind and body that it’s time to slow down. In partnership with Honey Nut Cheerios, we’re sharing habits you can start that can help you catch more zzz’s and support a healthy heart. These rituals will give your brain the cues it needs to unwind and relax while helping you achieve better sleep.

Find a moment of calm in the kitchen

The methodical process of preparing a meal will help you to find some relaxation after a busy day. If you’re feeling especially frenzied, stick to cooking something familiar so your mind can focus on the task at hand without the added pressure of mastering a complex recipe. And make the meal small, so that your digestion won’t keep you up.

Stay away from caffeine

Avoiding coffee or other stimulating beverages like sugary sodas will help you unwind much faster. Even a midday coffee break can affect your ability to loosen up come day’s end, so consider switching to an herbal tea, water with lemon, or fresh juice after you’ve had your morning cup.

Woman writing in journal

Plan ahead

Think through your to-do list for tomorrow and tie up loose ends by jotting down a few items where your mind might be wandering. Acknowledging what you didn’t accomplish today and planning the way you’d like to start your morning allows you to skip the late-night and a.m. stress.

Limit your screen time

Establish a time to unplug, then stick to it. Decide when you’d like your head to hit the pillow, and turn off your screens an hour before then. Use your newfound time to cozy up with a novel, meditate, write in your journal, or reflect on the moments of joy from your day. Getting into the habit of powering down and stepping away from your devices at a dedicated time will help your body to recognize that it’s time to rest.

Woman washing face

Wash your face 

Cleanse the day away by treating your skin to a gentle wash—it’s a ritual that’ll help you put the day behind you and prepare to start anew, and if you wash in the evening you only need a splash of water on your face in the morning. Really take in the moment — the scent of your cleanser, the warmth of the water and its refreshing effect on your skin. 

Stretch it out

Release tension with some simple stretches before bed. You can even do them in bed if you want to ease back into your pillows and relax right after you’re finished. Stretching helps reduce tightness and pain in the body, which can lead to more comfortable and relaxed shut-eye.

Living a happy, heart-healthy lifestyle can be fun, easy, and delicious with Honey Nut Cheerios.