This Incredibly Moving Video Proves That Love Is the Same for All of Us

Watch dancing skeletons challenge the notion of subconscious bias in a heartwarming clip.

While we’re all extremely unique on the outside, really, everyone has pretty much the same stuff on the inside.

That’s the point of this new video, filmed on Valentine's Day by the Ad Council, R/GA, and They set up a massive, x-ray-like screen in front of a big group of people and had various duos behind the screen show their love for each other through kissing, dancing, hugging, and more. They appear as skeletons first and later step in front of the screen to reveal what they look like.

Against the backing track of "Same Love" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert, we see the bond between same-sex couples, interracial couples, and friends of different faiths. The Ad Council says most Americans don't consider themselves prejudiced, yet many unintentionally judge people based on their appearance. The clip is meant to challenge this subconscious prejudice or “implicit bias.”

It’s an incredibly moving video proving that regardless of your gender, race, religion, skin color, whatever; we’re all just human beings.

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