Bringing his daughter to work was cute—and it's also good for moms everywhere.

By Julie Mazziotta
May 21, 2015

Post-game press conferences are typically a dull affair, where players repeat the same basic phrases—“We played well,” “It was a tough loss” or, if you’re Marshawn Lynch, “I’m just here so I don’t get fined,” over and over again.

But Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry’s press conference was a much more adorable affair when he made the last-minute decision to bring his two-year-old daughter Riley along. She immediately stole the show, climbing all over her MVP dad and hamming it up for the reporters with Queen Elizabeth-style waves while popping out from under the tablecloth. The best part had to be when Riley started chattering to Curry, so he asked her to “hold on a second, OK?” Her hilarious-in-a-two-year-old-way response? “Be quiet.”

Somehow, though, there are multiple reporters that are upset with Curry for bringing Riley to the press conference because there are “professionals on deadlines there w/ jobs to do, too,” according to one now-deleted tweet from a reporter at the Wilmington Star-News.

In our office, we were thrilled to see another kid on the podium. (It's a growing trend: Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose brought his son P.J. to a press conference last week, and he quickly became an internet meme; back in 2011, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning brought his then-infant son along when he talked to the press, and little Marshall tried to eat the microphones.) These guys are showing the world that dads, not just moms, are childcare providers too, and sometimes they need to bring their kid to work—especially when their pregnant wives, in Curry’s case, need a quick break.

So instead of calling for the NBA to ban kids from the podium, as one ESPN reporter apparently suggested, let's applaud them. Bringing their kids to press conferences injects some humor into a typically dull interview, humanizes these millionaire athletes, and proves that at least some of these guys are great dads. And oh yeah, it’s adorable.