Of all the funny/cute things a baby does, the poop face has got to be one of our favorites.

By Catherine DiBenedetto
July 08, 2015

Of all the hilariously cute things a baby does, the poop face has got to be one of my favorites. It’s hard to miss: the furrowed brow, flushed cheeks, and glassy eyes that indicate every ounce of her focus is suddenly…elsewhere. There may be a moment of surprise, pursed lips, and a grimace or two. But the, um, episode always wraps up with a look of relief, and sometimes even a smile.

Pampers's new ad captures this familiar sequence of expressions in nine different infants. The slow-motion footage, set to Strauss’s iconic fanfare “Thus Spake Zarathustra,” shows their little faces as they morph from concerned to shocked to determined to completely satisfied with the delivery in their diapers.

The Pampers ad ends with encouraging advice to parents: “Don’t fear the mess!” But I beg to differ. Parents should be afraid, sometimes very afraid: There are occasional BMs that no diaper can contain—we’re talking poop all the way up to the back of the neck—and those blowouts strike when you least expect them. (It’s a good thing the pooface is so stinking cute!) My advice to new moms and dads who haven't yet experienced them? Always carry a change of clothes. Or two.