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5 Ancestry and Health DNA Kits That Are Heavily Discounted Right Now—Up to Half-Off

Learn what makes you, well, you.
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Many of us may have a general idea of where we come from, and no, we don't just mean hometowns. Personal ancestry reaches back thousands of years, and it's a lot more complicated than, for example, being Irish on your mother's side of the family. There's a lot of ethnic and familial history that had to happen for you to be you, and with Amazon's Cyber Monday deals knocking up to 50% off DNA kits, why not take the chance to learn about it now?

Ancestry services are a great way to find out about your origins and even reconnect with living relatives you might have never known otherwise. That said, there are plenty of options on the market with different specialties depending on what you want out of the experience. Services like AncestryDNA are a highly rated resource for learning personal histories beyond the numbers—and the brand's genetic ethnicity test is currently 51% off. Simply mail your saliva sample to a lab in a prepaid package, and AncestryDNA will map family trees and put names to faces to expand your familial knowledge. Then there's 23andMe's Health + Ancestry package that's on sale for $100 off. It uses your DNA sample to track potential hereditary diseases, health predispositions, and more. This information can help you make informed lifestyle choices for the future and give you a richer sense of personal history.

If learning more about your lineage sounds appealing to you, odds are it'll make a great holiday present for someone you love (bonus points if they're a blood relative). Regardless of who the sample comes from, there will be plenty of valuable information to share with your family. 

The Best Ancestry DNA Kit Cyber Monday Sales on Amazon

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Genetic DNA test
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Buy It, $99 (was $199)

23andMe is one of the more popular ancestry services out there, and with good reason. From one little sample, it'll break down your ancestry composition from over 2,000+ regions and analyze your traits. Here's how it works: You'll receive a small sealable vial to collect your saliva, which you then ship to a lab (the packaging is provided). All that's left to do is wait for your results, of which there will be plenty. From that one little sample, you'll soon discover your maternal and paternal origins dating back thousands of years. But it isn't just a personal history: The Health + Ancestry package also includes wellness breakdowns, such as health predispositions, inherited conditions, and reports about your general wellbeing. 

The standard 23andMe Ancestry + Traits service is on sale for 30% off this Cyber Monday while the 23andMe Health + Ancestry package is an even better deal at 50% off, saving you a full $100. And with the added health and wellness breakdowns on top of a personal history report, it's quite the bargain.

Ancestry DNA test
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Buy It, $49 (was $99)

If your main interest in ancestry kits is learning more about your family tree, AncestryDNA is the service for you—and it's over 50% off right now. The process is simple: Once you've received your kit, you'll register an account on to activate your saliva sample, then ship the sample to a lab in a prepaid package (there's no personal or identifying information included with your sample). After six to eight weeks, you'll get your results. 

AncestryDNA traces your entire personal timeline, from your ancestors' origins thousands of years ago from over 1,500 regions to your closest living relatives. You'll also receive an ethnicity breakdown to help you discover what makes you, well, you. If you love what you see, you can also sign up for an Ancestry subscription to build a family tree based on billions of records.

DNA test
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Buy It, $95 (was $140)

TellmeGen gives an extremely comprehensive review of your personal history and present traits. And at over 30% off for Cyber Monday, this bargain just got better. It keeps it simple by running seven different DNA tests based on just one of your samples. From there, you'll soon have access to information about your predisposition to over 440 traits, 180 hereditary diseases, and compatibility with more than 150 medicines. But this isn't just a health overview: You'll also get a breakdown of your ancestry and origins as well as the chance to connect with living relatives you may not have known about previously. 

That's a whole lot to take in, but we promise it's useful. You can use the information to help inform a better lifestyle for your personal longevity, and learn a few things about relatives who've passed.

Family DNA test
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Buy It, $39 (was $79)

FamilyTreeDNA prides itself as an especially interactive ancestry service experience, and it's not hard to see why. It uses your mailed DNA sample to construct multiple graphs and maps you can engage with directly, such as allowing you to click through regions to read about your ancestral history, filtering through potential living relative matches, and, of course, seeing your ethnic makeup. All orders ship within the US and come with prepaid return envelopes, meaning the only heavy lifting required on your part is simply swabbing your cheek (no spitting it a cup necessary). That makes FamilyTreeDNA easy to both use and understand, which is important when faced with the mountain of ancestral data from your one little sample. And at just under $40 for Cyber Monday, it's basically a steal, even if it's all information about you.

Somos DNA test
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SOMOS Ancestria

Buy It, $124 with coupon (was $149)

Most ancestry kits can analyze just about anyone, but SOMOS Ancestria goes the extra mile for those of native North American and Latin American origins. Its service is specially designed to give an in-depth analysis of ancestral data from regions in Mexico, Maya South America, Amazonas, Brazil, Perú, and more Latin American nations. Some people may already know they originate from a certain Latin or North American country, but you may not know many specifics, such as the exact region your ancestors originated from or exactly how far back your lineage goes. SOMOS Ancestria helps you go deeper with breakdowns on how much of your genome matches certain populations, explanations of heritage, and a timeline of just how far back your ancestral history in these places stretches. And now with a Cyber Monday coupon for $25 off, there's never been a better time to learn more about your Latin heritage.