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Ice-T Defends Coco Austin's Decision to Continue Breastfeeding Their 5½-Year-Old Daughter Chanel
Coco Austin recently said 5½-year-old daughter Chanel "still likes my boobs" as she discussed breastfeeding her child.
Hilaria Baldwin Leans to Breastfeed Edu, 9 Months, After Winning 'Battle' to Get Him into Stroller
Once she went through the effort of getting son Edu strapped into the stroller, Hilaria Baldwin says he was "staying in there" when he got hungry.
Shawn Johnson Showed Her Husband What Pregnancy Feels Like and His Reaction Is Too Real
File this under: Additional proof that people who carry and birth humans are real-life superheroes.

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Katie Lee Slams Critic Who Says She Holds Her Baby Daughter Excessively: 'Mom Shame, Much?'
"Not a 'Karen' just trying to help," the user said in her direct message to new mom Katie Lee.
Dad with Lymphoma Surprised Family by Planning for Life After His Death, Including Finding Jobs for Wife:
A GoFundMe campaign created by Jeff McKnight for his wife and daughter before his death has raised more than $400,000

Mom of Three Kate Hudson Reveals Her (Semi-Strict!) Rule About Mealtime: 'I'm a Bit Old School'

"They're all completely different eaters," Kate Hudson tells PEOPLE of her three children, daughter Rani Rose, 22 months, and sons Bingham "Bing" Hawn, 9, and Ryder Russell, 16