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See you later, hipster glasses. Thin metal frames are officially back in style.

If you've been loyal to your thick tortoise shell glasses for the past few years, you may want to consider giving your look a refresh. Back in March, the New York Times announced the official decline of the "geek chic" glasses trend; and eyewear experts confirm that this fall, '70s-inspired metal frames will be the style everyone wants to get their hands (err, eyes?) on.


"Skillfully walking the fine line between delicate and durable, refined wire is a trend that exudes grace and confidence," says Hadar Nusbaum, a trends forecaster at "From aviators to round frames, this playful look is perfect for the bespectacled minimalist." The style has gotten the A-list stamp of approval, too. Celebs like Gigi Hadid, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Suki Waterhouse have recently been spotted wearing thin metal frames. Here, six stylish glasses to help you channel the retro trend.


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