Title: Quality Team Editor for Dotdash Meredith
Education: Arizona State University
Expertise: Reproductive health
  • Master's thesis, "Overcoming A Cycle of Shame Through Menstrual Education: How Sources of Information Prepare Girls to Detect Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding"
  • Published over 18 scientific articles about topics related to reproductive medicine and developmental biology for the Embryo Project Encyclopedia
  • Helped develop a biology educational tool, Embryo Tales, to produce educational articles that engage young readers


As a student at Arizona State University, Emily was a writer and editor for the Embryo Project Encyclopedia, where she researched, wrote, and published over 18 peer-reviewed encyclopedia articles. As a writer, Emily studied and wrote articles about the menstrual cycle. She enjoyed communicating health and wellness topics that were easily accessible and understood by the general public.

In 2020, Emily assisted in creating an online biology educational tool, Embryo Tales, which publishes creative and informative stories about embryology for young readers, teachers, and parents. Alongside her fellow Embryo Project writers, Emily helped craft Embryo Tales using metaphors and imagery to communicate often complex scientific jargon.

Language is a powerful tool that allows writers to connect with and empower their audiences. Writing health information allows me to communicate valuable information that is often complex, full of jargon, and scary in a way that enables people to be knowledgeable and confident about their wellness.


Emily received both her Bachelor of Arts degree in global health and Master of Science degree in biological science from Arizona State University. While studying as a graduate student, Emily examined how sociocultural views of menstruation impact people’s abilities to detect and treat conditions that impact fertility.

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