Danielle Zoellner

Danielle Zoellner
Title: Freelance Writer
Education: University of Missouri at Columbia
Location: Boston, MA

Danielle Zoellner is a freelance writer with an emphasis in health and wellness. She grew up around healthcare professionals, which inspired her interest in covering health and wellness as it relates to user experience. Danielle has written about health and wellness for Health.com, Verywell Health, The Independent, and DailyMail.com, among other publications. Products that she reviewed in recent years include toothpaste, acne products, moisturizers, cold/flu medications, and heating pads. Danielle's interviews with countless experts in health and medicine, plus her interest in the field, have driven her research and writing.


  • Danielle is a freelance writer based in Boston with a background in health writing.
  • She’s written for publications like The Independent, DailyMail.com, and Verywell Health.
  • Danielle has a journalism degree and English from the University of Missouri at Columbia.


Danielle has written for Verywell Health, The Independent, DailyMail.com, Mail on Sunday newspaper, and Vox Magazine, among other publications. Growing up in a household of healthcare professionals has fueled her passion for topics relating to health, fitness, wellness, and the medical industry. Additionally, Danielle previously covered national news stories, including leading her publication's COVID-19 coverage and covering the 2020 presidential election. As someone who experiences sensitive and acne-prone skin, Danielle has dedicated her research and writing to the area so she can find the best products that work for her skin type. In college, Danielle worked as an ACE-certified group fitness instructor—further fueling her passion for health and wellness into her journalism career.

Favorite Purchase:

I purchased the Dr. Dennis Gross LED mask in August 2022, and it has been my favorite purchase to date. The mask works well at halting any incoming acne growth while improving discoloration and acne marks. I use the mask at least three times a week.


Danielle graduated with a dual degree in Journalism, with an emphasis in Magazine Editing, and English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing.

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