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What Is Interstitial Lung Disease? What to Know, According to Pulmonologists
Interstitial lung disease (ILD), is actually a group of more than 100 different lung diseases that currently affect about 400,000 people in the US.
3 Main Pneumonia Causes to Know, According to Doctors
Experts explain what's most likely to cause pneumonia—and ways you can avoid getting the lung infection.
Double Pneumonia Is an Infection in Both Lungs—Here's What to Know, According to Doctors
Though symptoms, causes, and treatment options aren't drastically different, pneumonia that affects more of the lungs may be more serious.
A Pneumonia Cough Might Sound and Look Different Than Other Coughs—Here's How
While you can't diagnose pneumonia by cough alone, it may provide some necessary clues.
What Is Multifocal Pneumonia? Here's What to Know, According to Doctors
This specific classification of pneumonia occurs when more than one area of the lungs is affected.

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COVID-19 Can Cause Pneumonia—Here's What to Know, According to Experts
Many people who contract COVID-19 have mild to moderate symptoms, but some can have more severe complications.
What Is Aspiration Pneumonia? Doctors Explain Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments
This type of pneumonia is usually more common in older adults or immunocompromised individuals, but it can happen to anyone.

Woman Dies 2 Months After Receiving a Double-Lung Transplant From Someone With COVID-19

One of her surgeons also came down with COVID-19 after the procedure, but later recovered.