April 10, 2017

You may know enough to skip the double fudge sundae and pass up your coffee shop’s pastry counter, but what about your go-to salad dressing? Your favorite brand of almond butter? The not-so-sweet truth about sugar is that it’s hiding literally everywhere—even foods you think are healthy. Ugh.

According to the American Heart Association, women should only have 6 teaspoons, or 100 calories, of added sugars per day. Since a single granola bar can contain more than the recommended daily amount, you can imagine how even the healthiest folks regularly eat too much sugar.

The scary thing is that even if you strictly avoid sugar-packed drinks (like soda and fruit juices) and snacks, you may still consume more of the ingredient than you realize. That’s because sugar tends to disguise itself with other names that make it sound way more wholesome than it really is (ahem, brown rice syrup).

Another problem: Sugar is often added to low-fat foods to amp up their flavor. So while your morning yogurt cup may be fat-free, it could actually be chock full of added sugars.

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What’s the issue with the additive that tastes so good? Sugar can be a culprit in a host of health problems, from weight-related diseases like obesity and diabetes to others like cancer.

In this video, we’re spotlighting six sneaky sugar bombs. From your classic marinara sauce to your favorite whole-grain (yes, whole grain!) bread, these seemingly good-for-you eats can actually be sky-high in added sugars. Watch the video above so you can start avoiding the unhealthy ingredient stat.