August 11, 2009
  • Personally, we aren’t quite ready for shorter days and longer sleeves, but back-to-school sales and fall previews are already upon us. For some tired moms, dropping the kids off at the bus stop can’t come soon enough. Here, five easy back-to-school tips for moms who need a little push through to the finish line. [MomLogic]
  • Grilled, baked, lean—we know the health buzzwords to look for. But there are some surprising myths about so-called healthy foods, like how many low-fat products are crammed with extra sugar. Get the facts on this and other skinny food myths. [Forbes]
  • We hate that impossible-to-scrub-off black film our favorite flip-flops leave on the bottoms of our feet. So not cute. Turns out it’s so not healthy either! Lab tests found more than 18,000 germs on flip-flops (some deadly!) that can make their way into your bloodstream and attack your organs if you have any open cuts on your feet. [Gothamist]
  • It’s already possible to track your diet, check symptoms, and get medical advice online, but now there may even be a cure for insomnia at your keyboard. Two studies show online versions of behavioral therapy are effective in helping the sleepless catch a few extra z’s. [New York Times]

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