This Cooling Mattress Pad Put an End to My Night Sweats

I bought it three years ago and haven’t worried about overheating since.

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Even in the middle of winter, when temperatures drop and chunky sweaters make their reappearance, I overheat at night. For years, after putting on pajamas and sliding under the covers, I would instantly encounter my nightly dilemma: kick off all the covers and freeze or keep them on, despite feeling too hot to fall asleep. While contemplating this constant back-and-forth between the polar ends of discomfort, I decided to do some research. After scrolling through a dozen articles and reviews, I discovered that A) I was not alone in my struggle to find a comfortable sleeping temperature, and B) there were a few products that might serve as a solution.

After poring over weighted blankets, humidifiers, and even socks, I decided to try out a cooling mattress pad—specifically the Textarist Cooling Mattress Topper, which has impressed even the sweatiest of sleepers, according to Amazon reviews. After pulling it over my mattress and reorienting my sheets, I lay down and began to take mental notes.

TEXARTIST Full Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper

To buy: Textarist Cooling Mattress Topper, $45 (was $80);

The first difference I noticed was how much fluffier and more supportive my bed became, like a brand-new mattress. The second difference was the temperature along the surface of the bed. The usual heat absorbed into my memory foam mattress was replaced by a noticeable cooling sensation that almost made me too cold. However, after bundling up with a few (usually pushed aside) blankets, I felt more comfortable in my sleeping space and slept for an uninterrupted eight hours for the first time in years.

Unlike regular mattress toppers, Textarist's Cooling Mattress Topper contains 4D spiral fiber, which gives it a soft, cloud-like feel while simultaneously trapping in air and preventing the fabric from absorbing heat. With sweaty sleepers in mind, the mattress pad also features a breathable, moisture-wicking surface and is fully machine washable. Best of all, the durable design has completely maintained its shape in the three years I've owned. Other long-time shoppers agree that this sleeping pad "really does dissipate body heat," and one even said they plan to buy a second. Right now, you can snag this cooling mattress for over 40% off at Amazon if you clip the coupon in the listing, then look forward to a cool, restful night's sleep.

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