I Reviewed Saatva's Top-Rated Hybrid Bed to See if It Lives Up to the Hype

Here’s how the Saatva Classic stacks up against other mattresses.
By Katie Simpson
Updated September 12, 2021
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When it comes to purchasing a mattress online, the amount of choices can be overwhelming, which is why reviews are so helpful for shoppers. At the Mattress Advisor lab, we score beds using a 14-point system that rates pressure relief, spinal alignment, durability, and many other factors. I've had a front-row seat to hundreds of these tests, and I've tried out quite a few beds myself, so I know what a mattress worth buying feels like. My latest test subject was the Saatva Classic Mattress, which is Saatva's flagship hybrid innerspring bed. In this review, I'll break down how the mattress is constructed, its strengths and weaknesses, and what the brand offers its customers.

Saatva mattress layers: How do they stack up?

Euro pillow top

The Saatva Classic is covered in a three-inch-thick organic cotton Euro pillow top that's hypoallergenic and ultra-breathable. It's sewn into the mattress to create a seamless appearance.

Comfort layers

The bed contains two dense memory foam layers that contour to a sleeper's curves. The foam cushioned my hips and shoulders when I was on my side without enveloping my entire body, which I appreciated since I tend to sleep hot.

Support layers

I was blown away by Saatva's impressive dual-coil system, which provided plenty of support. One of the layers consists of individually wrapped coils, which sprang back into place as I switched positions. And the durable base has a total of 416 tempered steel coils to prevent the mattress from sagging over time. Both of these layers helped keep my spine aligned, allowing for a restful night's sleep.

Saatva Classic Mattress
Credit: Saatva

To buy: Saatva Classic Mattress, $1,374 for a queen;

Best features of the Saatva mattress

Temperature control

As a hot sleeper, having a mattress that keeps me cool during the night is a top priority. The Saatva Classic earns an 8.5 out of 10 in cooling thanks in part to its layers of coils, which break up the high-density memory foam to prevent heat from getting trapped on the surface of the bed.


The Saatva Classic receives a near-perfect score in spine alignment due to its excellent lumbar support. I don't suffer from chronic back pain but I do lift weights, which puts strain on my muscles and joints. The Saatva erased any lingering pressure I was feeling in my back, allowing me to sleep soundly.


A mattress's longevity is important because you don't want to have to shell out money for a new bed every few years. I'm happy to report that the Saatva's substantial coil system and dense memory foam—which provides superior edge support—earns the bed a perfect 10 out of 10 in durability.


If you're someone who changes positions frequently throughout the night, the bounciness of your mattress can help or hinder those movements. The Saatva's flexible coils allowed me to roll around freely without feeling stuck.

How to determine if a Saatva mattress is right for you

The Saatva Classic is made for:

  • All sleep positions: As a combination sleeper, I switch between my back and side while snoozing, and I loved how the Saatva kept me supported no matter where I landed.
  • Those who want options: The Saatva comes in three different firmness levels—plush, luxury firm, and firm. I prefer luxury firm because it strikes a nice balance between soft contouring and stiff support.
  • Hot sleepers: The Saatva's dual-coil system leaves plenty of room for air to flow through the mattress. You can even pair it with a cooling mattress pad for additional comfort.
  • Back pain sufferers: The Saatva's coil system helps keep the spine in proper alignment, alleviating pain by limiting the amount of pressure placed on the lower back.

The Saatva Classic isn't made for:

  • People who like the feel of memory foam: Though the Saatva contains foam layers, it won't hug your sides like a typical memory foam mattress. The coil base may also feel too rigid if you prefer plushness.
  • Budget shoppers: While the Saatva is less pricey than comparable mattresses, it's far from being the cheapest bed on the market.
Saatva Classic Mattress
Credit: Saatva

Plush soft, luxury firm, and firm: How do they differ?

Coming in at a three on the firmness scale, Saatva Classic's plush soft option has more give for side sleepers who need a little extra cushioning around their pressure points. As for the luxury firm model, it feels like a true medium-firm mattress, which is the level preferred by most sleepers (including myself). However, back and stomach sleepers looking for additional support would benefit from the firm option, which is the sturdiest mattress out of the three.

What you get with a Saatva mattress

  • Free delivery: Saatva offers free white glove delivery, so your new bed will be set up for you at no additional cost. That's a major perk, unless you enjoy hauling 100 pounds up the stairs.
  • 180-night sleep trial: Before asking you to commit, Saatva lets you try out your new mattress for six months, meaning you can return the bed for a full refund if it's not the right fit.
  • 15-year warranty: Within the first two years of your purchase, Saatva will replace your mattress for free if it's deemed defective. After that, the company will completely repair and recover your existing mattress for a fee of $198.

Saatva mattress review: final verdict

I'm awarding the Saatva Classic an 8.7 out of 10. It's supportive, super comfortable, and uses high-quality materials—plus, the mattress's three firmness options make it compatible with all sleep positions. If you're looking for a hotel-style bed that's built to last, the Saatva is hard to beat.

Saatva Classic Mattress
Credit: Saatva

To buy: Saatva Classic, $1,374 for a queen;

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