These Plush Memory Foam Pillows Keep Your Head, Neck, and Shoulders Aligned All Night Long

Here’s how it ended one reviewer's decades-long search for the perfect pillow.
By Braelyn Wood
September 22, 2020
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We all know the importance of finding the best mattress for your sleeping type, but it’s easy to forget your pillow should be just as personalized to your nighttime habits. Whether you snooze on your side, back, or stomach, you’ll want a pillow that keeps your spine aligned through every toss and turn. 

Luckily, shoppers of all sleeping positions are equally obsessed with Rest Haven’s Temperature-Regulating Memory Foam Pillow ($23; Already a favorite of more than 500 shoppers, it’s constructed with a breathable block of memory foam encased in a quilted cover. This Goldilocks combination delivers firm support with a gentle give, so the pillow cradles your head, neck, and shoulders without feeling too stiff or too soft. 

And it doesn’t just make a great cuddle partner: The pillow’s mid-loft height also keeps the neck aligned with the spine regardless of your favored sleeping position. As a result, it’s helped back, side, and stomach sleepers alike conquer neck and back pain with its pressure-relieving design. Plus, unlike a contoured pillow, it conforms to your every movement yet still bounces back after decompression.

Also available in queen and king sizes, the 3-pound pillow even takes into account overheating with a ventilated design that allows for plenty of airflow. Reviewers say this small tweak ensures it never feels like an unwanted furnace at the head of your bed, unlike some traditional memory foam designs.

Rest Haven Temperature Regulating Gel Memory Foam Pillow
Credit: Walmart

Comparable to sleeping on a cloud, the affordable pick ended one reviewer's decades-long hunt for the perfect pillow, while it helped another wake up without pain for the first time in years. Called the most comfortable option on the market by a handful of shoppers, its cozy construction earned shoutouts for great quality—and even inspired a few household pillow bandits.  

Despite stealing the hearts of many, this memory foam pillow is still reasonably priced, starting at just $23 for the standard size (though we’d recommend buying 2 to qualify for Walmart’s free delivery). Check out the rest of Walmart’s sleep shop, here, to turn your bedroom into the ultimate oasis.

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