Everything you need to know about the sleep trend.

If you’ve ever struggled with sleep, chances are you’ve heard about "white noise"—that soft, ambient sound that’s meant to block out "harder" sounds, such as traffic out your window or music from another room. Now there's a newer concept that’s gaining traction to help people sleep called “pink noise.” 

"Pink noise is much deeper, and has slower waves than white noise," explains Roneil Malkani, MD, assistant professor of Neurology in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Northwestern University in Illinois. "Not only does it help people sleep better, studies have also shown that it helps with memory function the next day. The high and low frequencies in pink noise make it more natural, which allows for people to tune it out better."

With pink noise emerging as a potential sleep aid, pink noise machines—or sleep sound machines with a pink noise option—are hitting the market as well. Ranked by several reviewers, these are the best pink noise machines to help you score the deep, restful, high-quality sleep you deserve.

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