I Tried Nectar's Most Supportive Memory Foam Mattress for 30 Days—Here's My Review

I get why it has 27,000 five-star ratings now. 

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The importance of a good mattress can never be overstated. The common refrain goes that we spend a third of our lives on one, so the one you choose better be good. Since I have chronic lower back pain from an old golf injury, I always look forward to the relief that lying flat on a sturdy mattress gives me at the end of the day. So when Nectar offered up a test of its newest and most supportive bed yet, the Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress (from $1,299; nectarsleep.com), I happily accepted.

It was past due for me to throw out my old mattress anyway: I randomly bought it during college without giving it much thought, and over the years, it had inevitably sagged and was giving me less support than when I first got it. So when I swapped in Nectar's memory foam mattress, it was almost a watershed moment. After testing it out for a full month, I can confidently say that this is the best mattress I've ever slept on. Frankly, I haven't slept this well in years.


To buy: Nectar Premier Copper Mattress, from $1,299 (was $1,598); nectarsleep.com

My first impression of the bed was that it was heavy—really heavy—but it's understandable, considering the Premier Copper Mattress has five layers and is 14 inches thick (two more than the classic Nectar). Thankfully, getting the bed up to my apartment wasn't a hassle, since all of Nectar's beds come vacuum-sealed in a relatively compact box. The hard part was getting it onto my bed frame: It started expanding as soon as I slit open the protective plastic bag, and I had to scramble to push it onto my bed frame with all my body weight. Afterwards, I completely understood why the brand suggests placing it onto your bed frame before opening the bag (whoops).

Although many mattresses claim to be cooling, or at the very least temperature-controlling, Nectar's mattress is the only one I've ever felt that's actually cold. That's because the first of its five layers is a cooling quilted layer blended with heat-wicking copper fibers, and the second—which the brand calls ActiveCool HD—is a 4-inch cushy gel memory foam that "dynamically adapts to your sleep temp." I was shocked by how well this translates to breathability: I could even wear my wintertime long-sleeved pajamas to bed in the early summer.

I've always preferred a medium-firm mattress, which a 2015 study from the National Sleep Foundation journal Sleep Health claims is "optimal for promoting sleep comfort, quality, and spinal alignment," and Nectar's Premier Copper bed falls squarely in the middle of the plush-to-firm spectrum. Everyone prefers a different firmness for their beds, but for someone like me who needs the extra support, Nectar's has turned out to be a wonder. The 10 inches of memory foam that form the mattress' the third and fourth layers is just right, and pairing it with my favorite supportive pillows has made it easier to fall asleep than ever.

I'm not surprised that Nectar's mattress has gotten more than 27,000 five-star ratings: It truly is the best mattress I've ever had. If you're interested in trying it, the bed is currently on sale, and you can get free sleep accessories worth up to $498, including a cooling pillow, a sheet set, a mattress protector, and a 2nd-generation Google Nest Hub. The Nectar Premier Copper Mattress is on the pricier side (a twin starts at $1,299 on sale), but shoppers attest it's worth the investment—and the uninterrupted, comfortable, and frankly luxurious nights of sleep I've had would convince me to empty my wallet.

Shop Nectar's Premier Copper Mattress while it's on sale.

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