Single beds replace spin bikes for this group nap session.

Credit: Getty Images

How many times have you found yourself wishing you could rewind to Preschool, when afternoon naps were mandatory? Well, a U.K.-based fitness chain is about to make that daydream a reality with "napercise," a group class in which participants quite literally nap for 45 minutes.

According to David Lloyd Clubs, for their "40 winks workout," single beds will replace spin bikes in the studio. The thermostat will be turned down, and relaxing music will play over the sound system to create the perfect environment for catching Zs. The first napercise sessions are scheduled for this weekend.

While the concept may seem silly, the motivation for the class is no joke. The idea came about after a David Lloyds Clubs survey found that 86% of parents struggle with fatigue, and 26% generally get less than five hours of sleep a night. Napercise was born to help “exhausted mums and dads boost their mental and physical wellbeing," the company said in a press release.

Indeed, research suggests naps may offer a slew of health benefits, from improved memory and lower blood pressure to better focus throughout the rest of the day. (That said, if you suffer from insomnia, a siesta may make it even harder to fall asleep at night.)

The fitness chain is offering napercise classes on a trial basis for the time being. Here's hoping they catch on, and spread to studios across the pond. But you can enjoy the perks of a mid-day snooze almost anywhere. All you need is a quiet place and a comfy couch. To make the most of your siesta, check out our five tips for the best nap ever.