Nurses Say The Mzoo Sleep Eye Mask Works Better Than Blackout Curtains

“I am a night shift nurse, so I feel qualified to say this thing is the real deal.”

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It always seems impossible to fall asleep quickly when you're under pressure to do so—you have an early wake-up call for a flight, you only have a few hours to get some much-needed rest, or your job necessitates keeping an unconventional sleep schedule. Night shift nurses are all too familiar with this problem, but many of them have found a budget-friendly solution: Amazon's best-selling Mzoo Sleep Eye Mask.

The eye cover is made with memory foam that relieves pressure from the eyes and fully blocks out light. It has an adjustable strap that allows it to fit all head shapes and a buckle closure that doesn't easily catch hair. The design of the mask is simple—but it works so well that over 31,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating.

Of the product's 6,400 perfect reviews, many come from healthcare workers. "I am a night shift nurse, so I feel qualified to say this thing is the real deal. It's completely opaque, and most importantly, it minimizes the nose gap almost entirely. The memory foam-like circles around the eyes are soft and form to your face to prevent gaps," wrote one. "It's surprisingly thin so it doesn't slide over when you shift your face against the pillow. AND no Velcro to catch your hair!"

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Others were impressed at how well they slept during the daytime with the help of Mzoo's mask. "This thing helped me SO much the first day I used it," wrote another shopper. "I am a nurse and I work overnights, and it has been super hard for me to sleep during the day in-between shifts. Even with blackout curtains, I can't get it pitch black in my room, and I have a hard time sleeping with any light. This made it pitch black for me, and the tight fipt was actually comfortable. And, one of the most important things with a sleep mask—it didn't fall off when I slept!"

Additional reviewers say that the eye cover helps them to wake up feeling ″rested″, whether they use it to take a nap or they rely on it every night (or day). Those who suffer from migraines also say that it provides serious relief.

For less than $20, Mzoo's Sleep Eye Mask makes it easier not just to fall asleep, but to get the best sleep possible. No wonder so many shoppers say it's changed their life.

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