This Cervical Pillow Is Designed to Prevent Neck Pain—and Reviewers Say It Actually Works

“If I could give it 10 stars, I would.”

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Bad sleep is like bad sex: It fills a need, but doesn't leave you fully satisfied. But with National Sleep Awareness Week in full swing, there's never been a better time to address the source of your unsatisfactory snooze. Hot sleepers can switch to cooling sheets, struggling early risers can invest in a wake-up alarm clock, and people suffering from neck pain might consider using a cervical pillow.

If you're unfamiliar with that last one, you're not alone. The unique pillows are ergonomically designed to support the neck by keeping the spine aligned. They also reduce tension and allow muscles to relax by minimizing pressure on the neck. Although further research is still needed to scientifically prove their benefits, it hasn't stopped Amazon shoppers from giving these memory foam pillows a try—and there's already one impressing thousands of people.

The Misiki Cervical Pillow has earned almost 3,000 positive ratings for its butterfly-shaped design. The center has a slight indentation to cradle the head and neck, while extra wings along the edges provide arm support. It might look odd, but shoppers say it "makes ergonomic sense" for maintaining spinal alignment.

The pillow also uses a high-density memory foam base to provide support. It's firm enough to keep the body aligned, but still has temperature technology that molds to "hot spots" for a better fit. It's encased in a protective inner sleeve to prevent stains and deterioration, as well as a hypoallergenic cotton cover that zips on and off for easy washing. The final effect is "the perfect combination of soft and firm," according to one reviewer.

misiki cervical pillow

More importantly, hundreds of shoppers say it's easily the "best pillow for neck pain." A 45-year-old reviewer said they woke up without neck pain for the first time in 34 years thanks to the pillow. Another shopper with a rare disease that causes joint damage wrote that the pillow was worth the price.

"If I could give it 10 stars, I would," shared a reviewer. "I had a horrible crick in my neck for three months. …and sleeping always seemed to make it worse. This pillow saved my life." The same reviewer added that the pillow lives up to its cost, calling it "a small, reasonable price for absolute perfection."

Even more impressive? It works for all sleep positions. The pillow has curves along the bottom to accommodate the shoulders of back sleepers, while its minimal indentation suits side sleepers. Even stomach sleepers can use the contoured design with a little creativity: One reviewer suggests simply flipping it over.

If chronic neck pain is destroying your sleep, this top-rated cervical pillow might just be worth a try. Place your order today, and it'll arrive just in time for your weekend snooze with Prime two-day shipping.

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