Lielongren's Vibrating Alarm Clock Wakes Up Even the Deepest Sleepers, Amazon Shoppers Say

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This Vibrating Alarm Clock Will Wake Up Even the Deepest Sleeper
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If you're not a morning person, there's a good chance that you've found ways to delay the time you finally roll out of bed. Maybe you've acquired a talent for sleeping through your alarm's snooze setting, or perhaps you've mastered the art of turning it off before you've reached full consciousness. Simply put, an ordinary alarm clock might not be enough to get you up on time—and if that's the case, you'll want to try something new.

Lielongren's Vibrating Alarm Clock

Over 2,800 Amazon shoppers have found the solution to their sleepy mornings in the form of Lielongren's Vibrating Alarm Clock, which has a simple yet effective feature that people say helps them get out of bed.

Along with a normal audio alarm, the Lielongren clock includes a small vibrating pad, attached to the device by a 6-foot-long cord, which you can place under your pillow or mattress for additional reassurance that you'll actually wake up.

The clock works for heavy sleepers and people who are deaf.

What Customers Say

Shoppers say that the vibrating function of Lielongren's is powerful enough to get even the heaviest sleepers out of bed—in fact, some even rely just on the vibration, finding it effective enough to eliminate an audio alarm altogether. "I have it on the highest intensity setting, and it does not bother my wife, who is a light sleeper," said one five-star reviewer. The vibration function is also particularly helpful for those who are hard of hearing.

Several people added that, as lifelong deep sleepers, this alarm is "one of the best" they've ever tried. "I have a diagnosed sleep disorder and I typically have a hard time being woken up. I usually need someone to call or physically wake me up, so someone recommended I give this a try," another wrote. "I have it set on 'Earthquake' and I haven't needed someone else to wake me up since I started using it! I get to be an independent, functioning adult."

The LED display of the alarm clock shows the time in large, green numbers, and has adjustable brightness settings. Plus, it includes two USB ports for charging smart devices and a battery back-up that prevents the time or settings from being erased if the alarm is unplugged. Overall, shoppers seem to agree that the device is perfectly easy to set up and use.

For those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning, this double-function alarm may be the solution to years of a bad snooze habit—after all, it's proven to be a game-changer for thousands of Amazon shoppers. "I tend to sleep quite deeply, mostly because there is a lot of road noise near my house. I've had neighbors tell me they could hear my alarms blaring and could not believe I could sleep through it," a customer said. "Since purchasing this alarm, I've not overslept. I put the vibrating piece in my pillowcase under the pillow, and the moment the alarm goes off I'm up. It also changes vibration patterns to keep you from sleeping through a standard pattern. This is a life-changer."

Vibrating alarm clock

Amazon is currently offering a 15-percent-off coupon that can be applied at checkout, bringing the cost of the savvy alarm down to just $24 for a limited time. If you're a chronic oversleeper, we'd recommend giving this simple solution a try—and who knows? It might even turn you into a morning person.

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