We've rounded up seven tricks that diminish jet lag so you can travel better.

Is there anything worse than arriving at your dream destination only to feel exhausted? Or getting home from a fantastic trip and having to get in bed instead of showing off your vacation glow? We don’t think so. To help you travel like a pro, we’re rounding up seven genius tricks that diminish jet lag so you can jetset sans yawns. Watch the video above for healthy ways to stay energized while you travel across time zones. Bon voyage!

Get some vitamin B and D: Vitamin B-12 helps keep the body energized and vitamin D keeps sleep-promoting melatonin levels in check. Eat fish to get a dose of vitamin B-12 and spend some time in the sun (wearing SPF!) to soak up a bit of vitamin D.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol: Sorry to say it, but caffeine and alcohol aren’t going to help you stay awake. Though they’re both stimulants, caffeine and alcohol contribute to dehydration, which may worsen jet lag. Lose the double espresso and vodka soda until your body’s clock has reset.

Hydrate: You’ve swapped out your lattes and vino, now it’s time to load up on good old H2O. Drinking water before, during, and after your trip will help alleviate jet lag.

Find your light: To reset your circadian rhythm, increase your exposure to natural light. Morning, sunshine!

Stretch it out: Yoga has been shown to relieve stress and boost energy, making it the perfect pre- or post-flight activity.

Grab a juice: An all-natural juice will help to hydrate you, plus its nutrients might boost your immune system too. Double win.

Take melatonin: Popping the over-the-counter supplement before you go to bed in your current timezone can help your sleep/wake cycle sync with your new location.