This $26 Back Support Pillow Is a 'Lifesaver for Lower Back Pain,' According to Amazon Shoppers

The crescent-shaped design can provide the extra support you need for a better night’s sleep.

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If you're suffering from lower back pain, you aren't alone. In fact, about 16 million adults, or 8% of all U.S. adults, experience chronic or persistent back pain, according to the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute. Not only is chronic pain irritating, but it can also prevent you from sleeping well (which can be detrimental to your overall health in the long run). Fortunately, there are lumbar support pillows available to offer some relief, and this one on Amazon has shoppers calling it a "lifesaver for lower back pain."

The Comfilife Bolster Back Support Pillow has a 17.3- by 7.8-inch design made from high-density memory foam that fills in the space where your lower back curves, creating a natural alignment of your spine and encouraging better sleep posture. The pillow is lauded by both back and side sleepers in the reviews for its crescent-like and ergonomic shape, which is meant to mold to the contours of your back or elsewhere on your body where you need some relief (it can be used on the neck, legs, and ankles, too). Users add that the foam feels high-quality and doesn't flatten, even after months of use. Plus, it comes with a breathable cover—so you don't have to worry about sweating if you're a hot sleeper—that's removable and washable for easy cleaning.

ComfiLife Bolster Pillow for Legs, Knees, Lower Back

To buy: Comfilife Bolster Pillow, $26;

"I LOVE THIS PILLOW," one Amazon shopper said. "It is the perfect length, height, depth, and softness. It provides great support while sleeping on my side or under [my] knees while sleeping on my back. The cover is soft and comfortable. I have degenerative disc disease and need good back support while sleeping and this meets my needs 100%. And the price is right. The supplier is extremely caring and willing to assist with any problems."

Another wrote: "I initially bought this to put under my ankles or knees when sleeping on my back but it helps so much more for propping my shoulder. I suffer from painful frozen shoulder, which makes it extremely difficult to find comfort when sleeping but this helps so much better than any of the other gel, memory foam, or king-size pillows I have in my bed. This pillow is my new best friend––I can't imagine sleeping without it. I just may buy another one to support my back in the car!"

Regardless of your preferred sleeping position, if you've been experiencing back pain, the Comfilife Bolster Pillow could be the very thing you need for a good night's rest.

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