The 10 Best Mattress Toppers for Every Type of Sleeper

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If you're tossing and turning at night, can't get comfortable in any sleep position, or wake up with aches and pains, you may need to take a serious look at your bed. While dropping big bucks on a new mattress isn't always ideal, buying a mattress topper is way more cost effective. Mattress toppers are useful for customizing your mattress, compensating for ones that are too firm, too soft, or need additional pressure relief.

The right topper will not only make sleeping more comfortable, but it will also lengthen your bed's lifespan by acting like a mattress protector. Most importantly, adding the right mattress topper can drastically improve sleep quality, which is essential for maintaining good health. If you're not getting the sleep you need, your mood, health, and performance can all be negatively impacted. So we consulted with the sleep experts at Mattress Advisor to put together a list of top-reviewed mattress toppers for every sleep need.

Here are the best mattress toppers you can buy online:

How to Choose a Mattress Topper

Since your mattress topper is the only thing coming between you and your mattress, it's very important to cater it to your specific sleep needs. You'll want to consider the following characteristics before making your final decision.

Mattress topper materials

Like mattresses, mattress toppers are available in a wide range of materials. The material will likely be the most important decision you make because it will ultimately determine your level of comfort. Options include everything from foam and latex to polyester, gel, and down feathers, but the most common materials are memory foam, natural latex, and fiberfill.

Memory foam toppers are very popular, and they provide great support and cushioning. They're generally made from polyurethane and available in a wide range of densities. This material is especially effective for motion isolation, and it can greatly improve your sleep experience if your mattress is too hard. It's also optimal for people who wake up sore or deal with aches and pains. As Dr. Rick Swartzburg, MD, previously told Health, "You can reduce pain and pressure by supporting parts of your body that protrude when you sleep, like shoulders, hips and knees."

Natural latex is another popular material found in the best mattress toppers, and this is an excellent eco-friendly option. Latex comes from rubber trees and adds many benefits, including durability, bounce, antimicrobial properties, and motion isolation.

A third option is a polyester blend, also known as fiberfill. While less supportive than memory foam or latex, it's ideal for consumers who are budget-conscious or suffer from allergies.

Pressure relief

If pressure relief is high on your wishlist, you'll want to stick to memory foam and latex foam. These materials are effective in dispersing your weight and reducing pressure on your shoulders, hips, knees, neck, and back.

Several variables will impact effectiveness, such as density and quality of the foam, and your preferred sleep positions should also be a factor in your final decision.


The ease with which you can wash your mattress topper is another factor you should consider. Some can be put directly in the washing machine, while others have an outer casing that's machine washable or needs to be hand-cleaned with a mild detergent.

Trial period

Mattress topper makers are pretty confident you're going to love their product, so just about every company on this list offers a trial period, ranging from 30 days to a full year. You can actually sleep on your topper for an extended period of time before you decide whether it's the right one for you. Do you love it? Enjoy! Hate it? Send it back. It's a win-win situation.

Choosing the Best Mattress Topper

So you're ready to buy a mattress topper—which, incidentally, should not be confused with a mattress pad, which is actually a much thinner product that also lays on top of your mattress and provides protection, but little in the way of extra comfort.

There are many mattress brands, and thus many toppers to choose from, but which is the best mattress topper to buy for you? The answer to that question will depend on many factors: how soft or firm your sleep surface is, what your ideal mattress feels like, and whether you're using an old mattress or a new one. There are also many different kinds of mattress toppers, including gel, memory foam, wool, latex, and microfiber materials.

To figure out the best mattress topper for you, consider your preferred sleep position, like if you're a side sleeper or stomach sleeper in need of deep contouring. Also keep in mind your typical pain level—those with aches and back pain may opt for a topper that increases spine alignment and lumbar support. If you're a hot sleeper, you may want to look for a topper that promotes temperature regulation or incorporates sleep innovations like cooling gel.

There's certainly no shortage of companies making excellent products, so we've researched the best mattress toppers depending on your sleep needs, based on insights from the experts at Mattress Advisor.

Best Overall: Puffy

mattress toppers

Puffy has taken a bunch of top-notch features and included them all in one product, offering a little something for every kind of sleeper. Its topper keeps you from overheating thanks to the bamboo and polyester material, which also makes the fabric breathable and incredibly cool to the touch. And because the mattress topper is made from hypoallergenic, Oeko-Tek certified materials, it's chemical-free and safe to sleep on.

Puffy's topper will easily attach to your bed thanks to its elastic pockets, so you don't have to worry that it will move throughout the night. You can purchase a firm or soft version too, which makes the Puffy topper a universal choice for the average sleeper.

Best Plush Mattress Topper: Helix

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Take your mattress up a notch or two with the Helix plush mattress topper. This luxurious accessory will make your mattress even softer thanks to the thick quilted top and soft bamboo blend fibers inside. The bamboo blend also makes the topper breathable, allowing for greater air flow and preventing heat retention to keep you cool throughout the night.

The cozy topper also contains thick, state-of-the-art fiberfill, which helps it maintain its shape for a longer time, while also giving you the feeling that you're sleeping in a plush hotel bed. Plus, it's hypoallergenic, which is especially important for sensitive skin.

Best for Side Sleepers: Saatva

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Saatva's innovative 3-inch mattress topper is infused with graphite and incorporates advanced technology to keep you cool. According to the brand, the graphite layer draws heat away from your body, while the foam reduces motion transfer. The other memory foam layer provides much-needed pressure relief and contouring support.

This is great news for side sleepers. The Saatva topper provides pressure relief on shoulders and hips, which allows side sleepers to get the rest they need and wake up without feeling sore. Moreover, they won't feel like they're dropping into the mattress because the topper's other layers provide solid support.

Best for Combination Sleepers: Leesa

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With this mattress topper by Leesa, it's all about the bounce. And if you toss and turn throughout the night, you need a topper that responds to your movements instantaneously. Most foam pads bounce back slowly, but not with the Leesa. Made from a unique, proprietary foam, the topper rebounds and springs back as soon as you let it go. With the perfect amount of bounce combined with a high level of responsiveness, this pad is a standout and game-changer for combination sleepers.

Leesa's product is a medium-firm topper, which means that it's a great solution for someone whose bed is just a little too soft or a little too firm. The high-quality foam on the Leesa topper also keeps you cool by supporting air flow, and it comes with the same cover as their original mattress, which is breathable and lightweight. If all of this isn't enough, it's super simple to wash: Just unzip it and throw it in the machine.

Best for Back Sleepers: Tuft & Needle

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Tuft and Needle

This soft 2-inch thick mattress topper is made with a highly responsive foam, which makes it especially accommodating for back sleepers. What's more, the foam is open-celled, so it's incredibly breathable and doesn't trap heat.

This is a good option for those who rest on their back, because this topper could soften a mattress that's on the firmer side, add some contouring, and relieve pressure on the hips. And since this pad will soften up a firm mattress, side sleepers will also feel relief on their hips and shoulders. The extremely responsive foam adapts well to both types of sleepers. The silicone beads on the bottom also help it grip the mattress so it doesn't move around during the night.

Best Luxury Mattress Topper: Birch by Helix

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The Birch by Helix mattress topper is really in a class of its own. The Organic Plush Pillow Mattress Topper is 3 inches of breathable, eco-friendly materials sourced from nature, such as organic cotton and natural latex. The latter gives the topper an incredibly luxurious, plush feel, as well as deep body contouring which responds to your movements and cushions your pressure points. These pads use Talalay latex that's made in the U.S. and Oeko-Tex certified, meaning the topper contains safe materials. (There are no synthetic materials, harmful chemicals or polyurethane-based foams.) Made from organic birch wool sourced from small farms in New Zealand, Helix has carefully designed this top-of-the-line wool mattress topper down to the very last fiber.

Best Eco-Friendly Mattress Topper: Avocado

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If you're committed to finding the most environmentally sensitive product, then you'll love Avocado's mattress topper. The Avocado topper uses 2 inches of 100% organic certified latex rubber foam, which is harvested sustainably. This is a high-performance material that enhances durability and resilience—and it's good for the environment, to boot. Even better, it's far superior at keeping you cool than synthetic or blended foams. This latex topper is available in two options: firm, which adds resilience and support, and plush, which adds a cloud-like feel to your bed.

These toppers are made with Dunlop latex, which is much cooler than memory foam and is naturally antimicrobial, and they also contain organic certified wool and cotton. To top it off, these safe, non-toxic pads are handmade at the company's facilities right here in California.

Best for Hot Sleepers: Layla

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Layla pulls out all the stops for hot sleepers looking for a solution. This 2-inch memory foam mattress topper is infused with copper gel beads designed specifically to keep you cool and comfortable. The beads absorb all of your body heat and transfer it away from you so you'll never wake up in a sweat again.

This gel memory foam mattress topper provides great support for pressure points, like your shoulders and hips, and helps keep your entire body aligned. It's also incredibly soft and will make your Layla mattress even more comfortable. When you put it on the soft side of the Layla, it brings the firmness level down to a more plush feel, or a 3 out of 10 on the firmness scale, and if you use it on the firmer side, it brings it from a 7 down to a 5 or 6 on the firmness scale. It's also worth mentioning that Layla's foams are CertiPur-US certified, which verifies that the foams are safe and free of harmful chemicals.

Best Value: Allswell

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The Allswell brand has a reputation for offering excellent value for the money, and that includes its mattress toppers. Don't be fooled by the single layer design; this topper has a whole lot going on inside. Allswell offers a thick, 3-inch layer of open-cell memory foam that supports airflow. It's also moisture wicking and infused with graphite, which has a unique cooling effect and transfers heat away from the body. You might expect to pay a pretty penny for a mattress pad with these characteristics, but Allswell's topper costs just a fraction of what other leading companies are charging.

Best for Back Pain: Amerisleep

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The Amerisleep Lift Topper has several eye-catching features, including unique materials that provide extra support and better cushioning, along with special technology that relieves pressure where you need it most. The reinforced support promotes spine alignment, which helps to alleviate back pain by fixing your posture. The bottom of the pad has an advanced grip surface that keeps it in place using gentle friction, with no impact on your mattress. Add that to the extra-breathable cover to keep you from overheating, and you've got a winning mattress topper.

Amerisleep toppers are available in various thickness options, depending on your sleep preferences: 2, 3 and 4 inches. The thinnest is ideal for stomach and back sleepers, and the thicker two are perfect for side sleepers. These toppers also come in two levels of firmness: a softer "Comfort Lift" and a firmer "Support Lift."

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