The 7 Best Cooling Weighted Blankets on Sale for Amazon Prime Day

Hot sleepers love how these calming weighted blankets feel like the cool side of the pillow.

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Whether you have difficulty dozing off, spend a majority of the night tossing and turning, or just want a comfortable throw for Netflix binges on the couch, investing in a weighted blanket is a great idea since they're designed to feel like a comforting hug. To put it simply, these blankets are exactly what they sound like: dense, weighted comforters (think: 5 to upwards of 30 pounds) that have tiny pellets or glass beads inside so that weight is distributed evenly across your body when lying underneath them.

With weighted blankets becoming increasingly popular in the last few years, you've likely heard of the benefits, but here's a refresher: Customers claim that this type of bedding not only gives the feeling of being hugged, but also uses deep touch pressure stimulation to soothe aches, increase relaxation, and lower stress and anxiety. What's more, studies prove that weighted blankets can help treat disorders like insomnia and anxiety, and can help you fall asleep quicker (and stay asleep without the tossing).

And if you're a hot sleeper, you might be thinking that a heavy throw is just going to make your night sweats even worse—but that's where cooling weighted blankets come in. Thankfully, these types of throws and quilts are designed with bamboo fabric and lightweight cotton to feel like the cool side of the pillow and to allow extra ventilation, so you can reap the calming effects of a weighted blanket without the additional heat.

These are the 7 best Amazon Prime Day deals on cooling weighted blankets:

However, weighted blankets can be a bit pricey, which is why Amazon Prime Day 2021 offers you the perfect opportunity to score some amazing cooling weighted blanket deals with major savings on bestselling weighted blankets from popular brands. With a Prime membership, you'll be able take advantage of the hands-down best shopping event of the summer, including discounts up to 40% on cooling weighted blankets from Luna, Weighted Idea, and Waowoo—the brand behind Amazon's best-selling weighted blanket.

Since many weighted blanket companies recommend purchasing a 60-by-80-inch, 20-pound blanket for full or queen size beds, we've included pricing for that specific size in this shopping guide. Keep scrolling to learn more about the best cooling weighted blanket deals available for Amazon Prime Day that you won't want to sleep on (pun intended).

Luna Adult Weighted Blanket

prime day best cooling weighted blankets luna

Made of super soft cotton, this lightweight cooling weighted blanket is filled with durable-yet-comfortable glass beads that are woven into the blanket fibers to distribute weight evenly—so you're not stuck with a lumpy throw. Not to mention, this blanket has nearly 14,000 Amazon reviews, with 91% of them being 4 and 5 stars, so you really can't go wrong. While several of the sizes are on sale for Amazon Prime Day, the 60-by-80-inch, 20-pound blanket is the best deal at 30% off once you apply the extra $20 coupon.

One reviewer wrote: "I have extremely high anxiety, depression, and most likely a little bit of PTSD. I debated on getting a weighted blanket for years because I always worried that it would be too restrictive, but now I wish I wouldn't have waited so long—this weighted blanket has been a godsend!
I love how nice and cool it is on me at night and yet at the same time how it feels like I am being wrapped up in a warm hug. No matter if I am going to bed at night or simply taking a small nap during the day, I always have this blanket with me."

Wonap Bamboo Weighted Blanket

prime day cooling weighted blanket wonap

This weighted blanket is constructed of 100% breathable bamboo fabric to feel like the cool side of the pillow all night long. It's also hypoallergenic and made of non-toxic materials, making it safe for the whole family to snuggle up under. The good news: Amazon is offering an additional $5-30 discount on this blanket, depending on the size you order.

"THIS BLANKET ROCKS!!!" raved a shopper. "First off, it feels WAYYYYYYY heavier than the weight listed—love it. There's plenty of decorative stitching (and presumably more utility stitching inside) so all the weight doesn't bunch up. It's always perfectly distributed. I called BS when it said "cooling," but I was wrong. I live in the southern U.S. where it's typically hotter than a pizza oven, but I don't have to do anything special (like lowering the thermostat) to use it, which I do every night, and it's the best I've slept in years."

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket

prime day cooling weighted blanket weighted idea

Like other weighted blankets, these quilts come in multiple size and weight options—whether you prefer something heavier or are looking for a lighter option to accommodate your child. This one is made with lightweight cotton that allows air to pass through the fibers, helping to regulate body temperature and keep you from overheating at night. Remember to apply the $10 coupon before adding it to your cart for Amazon Prime Day.

"I love it. The fabric is cool and smooth to the touch, as is the matching cover, but I feel nice and cozy warm beneath it, WITHOUT aggravating my arthritic joints. I am falling asleep much faster and staying deeply asleep with this weighted blanket. It has really improved my sleep quality," reported a shopper.

Ourea 3.0 Upgrade Weighted Blanket

prime day cooling weighted blanket Ourea

Designed for hot sleepers who have difficulty dozing off, this cooling weighted blanket claims to reduce your tossing and turning by at least 90%, helping you fall asleep faster. It's made of cool-to-the-touch organic Egyptian cotton and is filled with glass beads to mold to your body—without being too heavy. Being a Prime member saves you nearly $13 already, but don't forget to add the additional $10 off coupon before adding it to your cart.

One fan said: "I have been reading a lot of hype on weighted blankets and thought this one seemed like a good value. This one is cool to the touch, which is what I wanted because I get very hot at night! I do think the blanket helps me from tossing and turning and seems to help me fall asleep a little quicker. I am pleased with it so far. Also a great price!"

Quility Weighted Blanket

prime day cooling weighted blanket quility

With more than 30,000 five-star ratings on Amazon—with many reviewers commenting on how cool it keeps them—this blanket is a no-brainer. Not only will it keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep, but it also includes a removable mink cover you can use if you want added warmth in the winter. And right now, Amazon Prime members can snap it up for $18 off.

"The cover is REALLY soft, super silky. The beads stay pretty evenly distributed, [although] every once in a while I have to shift them around so they're even again, but for the most part they stay put pretty well. I love that it has a "cool" side. I am a super hot sleeper so the only reason I can use it is because it has that feature," noted a shopper.

Syrinx Weighted Blanket

prime day cooling weighted blanket syrinx

Another highly-rated weighted blanket, this one claims to have an updated quilting technology that allows the glass beads to be distributed more evenly within each pocket, so you'll never have a saggy corner. And shoppers rave how cool it keeps them at night—even those who tend to run hot. It's currently marked down to $50 for Prime Day, but you can get it for an additional 20% off by applying the coupon before checkout.

"This is my first weighted blanket. I wish I would have bought one a long time ago. I am a person always hot at night so I purchased [a] cooling weighted blanket. While it is heavy, it does not make me hotter at all. I have a sheet, a thermal, another blanket, and then this on top. If I start to get hot, I put my arms directly under this blanket and cool down. There is something about the weight that really does make you feel cozy and [it] improves sleep," said a customer.

Waowoo Weighted Blanket

prime day cooling weighted blanket Waowoo

With almost 25,000 Amazon reviews, this weighted blanket has managed to maintain an impressive 4.7 rating, making it the retailer's bestselling weighted blanket. This cooling option features small pockets to ensure the glass beads are distributed evenly and an updated softer, thinner fabric that lets your skin breathe so you don't get those dreaded night sweats. Right now, Prime members get $13 off, bringing the 60-by-80-inch, 20-pound blanket to nearly $50.

"This blanket is AMAZING!" raved a reviewer. "It's my first experience with a weighted blanket. I have never slept more comfortably in my life. It's just cool enough, while at the same time, just warm enough. I will definitely buy a few more as I will never use a regular blanket again."

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