The 8 Best Bed Sheets to Buy Online in 2022, Based on Expert Opinion

These sheet sets will make leaving your bed very difficult.

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Taking time to search for the best bed sheets is an investment in your health. Studies have shown that the type of sheets you lie on has a direct impact on your sleep quality. Old, pilling sheets can feel uncomfortable, making it more difficult to relax and fall asleep when you're in bed. The wrong bedding can also trap in body heat, leading to pesky night sweats that soak your linens.

But in order to ditch your old sheets, you may need help finding new ones. The experts at Mattress Advisor identified eight sheet sets that are cozy, breathable, and durable to give you your most comfortable sleep yet—plus, they're all available to shop online. Featuring a variety of materials and thread counts, this list has options for every kind of sleeper.

How to shop for the best bed sheets

There's much more to bed sheets than meets the eye. Thread count, materials used, and weave construction are all factors to consider when picking out a sheet set. Below, we break down what to look for when browsing for bedding.

Thread count

Thread count refers to the amount of threads in one square inch of fabric. Contrary to popular belief, higher thread counts don't automatically make a set of sheets more luxurious. A thread count between 300 and 500 generally ensures that your sheets are durable.


The material of your sheets plays a big role in how comfortably you sleep, especially if you tend to run hot during the night and need breathable fabrics to rest on. Here are some of the most common materials you'll see in your search for bed sheets.


Cotton sheets are airy and easy to care for. The most popular types of cotton sheets are Egyptian cotton and pima cotton, also known as Supima cotton, which is one of the softest cottons on the market.


Linen sheets naturally wick away moisture, making them an excellent choice for hot sleepers. Linen is typically more durable than cotton, but it can also be more expensive.


Made with eco-friendly bamboo fibers, bamboo sheets are silky soft but wrinkle more easily than other types of fabrics.


Budget-friendly polyester sheets consist of synthetic materials, which make them durable and less prone to wrinkling. However, polyester is also less breathable than linen and bamboo, meaning it doesn't rank high on this list for cooling.


Not all sheets are woven the same way. To help you make an informed purchase, we put together a glossary of words you might see next to "sheet set" on a retailer's website.


Percale sheets are woven with an equal number of vertical and horizontal threads, which makes them extra durable and produces a breathable, crisp feel. Percale weaves also tend to get softer with each wash.


The sateen weave is woven with more vertical threads than horizontal, which gives these sheets a smooth and silky feel but makes them slightly less breathable than percale.


Made of knit cotton blended with other fibers, jersey sheets are equivalent to cuddling up in your favorite comfy T-shirt. They're super soft, affordable, and easy to wash, but jersey also sleeps hot compared to other materials.


Microfiber sheets contain finely woven polyester fibers that are cozy, durable, and naturally wrinkle resistant. However, they don't promote airflow like percale sheets and can generate static.

The 8 best bed sheets for your mattress

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Best Overall: Saatva Linen Sheet Set

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Saatva's luxurious linen sheets are made with premium Belgian flax, which wicks away moisture to keep you cool during the night. The brand pre-washes its sheets to achieve a cozy, lived-in feel, and the OEKO-TEX certification ensures the bedding is free of harmful chemicals and toxic dyes. Plus, the deep pockets on these sheets work for mattresses up to 16 inches tall.

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Best Bamboo Sheets: Layla Bamboo Sheets

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Layla's bamboo sheets offer the same luxe feel as high thread count silk sheets, but at a fraction of the price. The smooth bamboo fibers are moisture-wicking and get softer every time you wash them. These breathable sheets also hold up well over time—their durability is backed by an impressive five-year warranty.

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Best Stretchy Sheets: Purple SoftStretch Sheets

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Offering plenty of stretch, Purple's refreshingly cool sheets are designed to flex under pressure and cradle your hips and shoulders for total body comfort. Available in a wide range of sizes, these sheets can fit a twin XL, a split king, and a California king if needed. An added bonus: They are naturally wrinkle-free and come in a variety of neutral colors (as well as the brand's signature deep purple).

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Best Cotton Sheets: PlushBeds Supima Premium Cotton Sheet Set

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In addition to being super soft, PlushBeds's Supima cotton sheets have a 600 thread count and contain extra-long staple cotton, which makes the set incredibly durable. The sheets' sateen weave keeps the fabric from pilling and an ultra-thick band of elastic ensures the fitted sheet stays firmly in place.

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Best Sateen Sheets: Casper Sheet Set

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Buttery-soft and made with 100% organic cotton, Casper's sateen sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they're free of harmful chemicals and substances that can irritate sensitive skin. Due to their sateen weave, these plush cotton sheets are also wrinkle resistant and come in over 10 colors, including oatmilk and fog blue. Complete your set with a hyperlite duvet cover from Casper's new cooling collection.

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Best Sheets Under $100: Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheet Set

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Tuft & Needle

Made with a blend of super soft cotton and breathable Tencel, Tuft & Needle's jersey sheets are a steal at $70. While jersey is one of the comfiest materials, which makes it ideal for bed sheets, it tends to sleep warmer than cotton and linen. The queen set is available in several colors and includes one fitted sheet, one top sheet, and two pillowcases.

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Best Cooling Sheets: GhostBed GhostSheets

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If night sweats are disrupting your sleep, GhostSheets from GhostBed may be just what you need. Using a blend of breathable materials—Tencel fibers and Supima cotton—these sheets are designed to wick away moisture and promote airflow to keep the surface of your bed cool and crisp all night long.

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Best Percale Sheets: Molecule Percale Performance Sheets

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Molecule's Tencel sheets feature a percale weave that keeps them cool to the touch. Tencel lyocell fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources and absorb moisture, which helps with temperature regulation. The brand offers these soft and airy sheets in a few tranquil neutrals, including ivory and cloud gray.

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