AUKEY Table Lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

This $19 Sleep Lamp Is a Must for Any Bedside Table, According to Nearly 10,000 Five-Star Ratings

Use it for reading before bed, and then keep it on throughout the night.
By Rebecca Deczynski
November 23, 2020
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Even if you limit your screen time late at night, drink a cup of soothing tea, and try to lull yourself to sleep with the help of a good book, you can still have a hard time dozing off. It's a common problem, but one that nearly 3,500 people say they've solved with a simple purchase. The Aukey Table Lamp ($19; is an Amazon-favorite buy that, according to enthusiastic reviewers, can make it easier to fall asleep.

Standing just over 8 inches tall, this color-changing light operates by touch. To turn it on and off, change its brightness between three different levels, or shift the color it gives off to any hue across the ROYGBIV spectrum, all you have to do is tap it. This level of versatility, coupled with its ease of use, has made the Aukey lamp a favorite of Amazon shoppers. It's earned nearly 10,000 perfect ratings and almost 3,500 five-star reviews, with many noting how beneficial the lamp is for good sleep.

The Aukey lamp can function as a typical bedside lamp, but because its brightness and color are adjustable, many users opt to set it at warm color temperatures for nighttime use. The reasoning? Studies have shown that red light can prove beneficial for sleep. A May 2019 study published in the journal "Nature and Science of Sleep" found that red light can reduce the sensation of sleep inertia (a.k.a. that groggy feeling you get when you wake up). "The warmer colors really help me get tired at night, and I swear I sleep better," wrote one shopper. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, different types of light can also have varied effects on your circadian rhythm. Exposure to blue light can make it harder to fall asleep, but red, yellow, and orange light have minimal effects on circadian rhythm, if any, so the CDC recommends using dim lamps that emit light in those hues at night. 

If you prefer to not fall asleep in total darkness, shoppers note that they keep the Aukey Table Lamp on all night with no hindrance to their sleep. "I have severe anxiety and can't sleep without a light on anymore. I was looking for a light that wasn't such a concentrated beam like a normal desk lamp," wrote another shopper. "This one is absolutely perfect for me." 

Others also note that the light isn't bright enough to wake up their partner, which is great if you have different sleep schedules. "My husband had been wanting a lamp," a five-star reviewer wrote. "This is bright enough for him to read, but not so bright as to prevent me from sleeping."

AUKEY Table Lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp Color Changing

The lamp doesn't have to be used exclusively at night, by the way—one reviewer explains that she sets it to a green hue in the mornings to "compensate for [her] lack of plants in the apartment," while others say that they rotate through the rainbow options to find the hue that best suits their mood. Most commonly, though, shoppers have picked up this device as a night-light that both kids and adults can appreciate. 

With its price currently slashed by 59%, the Aukey Table Lamp is a budget-friendly tool for getting a good night's sleep—and, quite literally, brightening your day.

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