Thrive Global–the new wellness mission from the Huffington Post founder—is all about getting us back into balance.
Credit: Getty Images

Think going full-throttle 24/7 is the key to success? Not so fast, says Arianna Huffington. The entrepreneur and bestselling author has seen firsthand how this always-on mindset leads to burnout and health crises. So today she launches Thrive Global, a wellness platform that aims to change the way we work and live.

The idea is simple yet radical: Taking care of yourself—and getting a good night’s sleep, uninterrupted by devices—is what actually gives you a performance edge. “Ancient wisdom has been validated by modern science,” Huffington said.

Yet so many of us wear our exhaustion as a badge of honor. To get us back into balance—and able to think bigger—Thrive Global will offer a range of micro-steps for change they’ve developed based on hard data from neuroscience experts, psychologists, and sleep researchers. They will also work with corporations that want to change their culture and increase productivity through well-being.

As with Huff Post, thought leaders and influencers will share their stories and insights. Up now: a video series with NBA star Andre Iguodala revealing how mindfulness fuels his game, and Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg talking about the value of moms getting enough sleep (she has a pillow in her living room from Huffington that says, “Sleep your way to the top”).

Sleep, as we all know, is absolutely core to self-care. Adults need about eight hours a night; proper sleep helps you eat less, focus better, and live longer. Stress and distractions (we’re looking at you, tech) reduce the quantity and quality of sleep. To help you power down, the Thrive app has a feature that temporarily turns smartphones into dumbphones that remain off (except for an emergency call).

And if you’re guilty of sleeping next to your iPhone and sometimes checking Facebook at 3 am? Thrive has a fix for that too: You can buy a phone bed (sold online and in their New York City pop-up, open through January 15th)to let your lifeline rest outside the bedroom—out of handy reach.

The goal, says Huffington, is to “reclaim the sacred space” around sleep.