The 9 Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

There's basically an alarm clock for every kind of heavy sleeper.

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If you've missed more than a few morning meetings from regularly oversleeping, then it's time for an alarm clock that makes it nearly impossible to press snooze and stay in bed. Instead of relying on your smartphone's alarms, consider upgrading to an alarm clock that's loud enough to wake up even the heaviest sleepers.

Since there are so many different types of alarm clocks available to buy online, it can be hard to figure out which ones will actually wake you up from deep sleep. So to help you out, we scoured the internet to find the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. From sounds as loud as an ambulance to vibrating pods that literally shake you awake, these alarm clocks might use annoying methods—but they'll actually get heavy sleepers out of bed in the morning.

These are the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers, according to customer reviews:

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Best Overall: Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

If the four alarms you scheduled to go off 10 minutes apart wake your neighbors but not you, you might want to try this noisy clock from Sonic Alert that has 19,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. It has a 113-decibel alarm—about as loud as a jackhammer. And if the volume alone won't do it, the red flashing lights and accompanying 12-volt bed-shaker unit (which goes beneath your mattress or pillow) should deliver the full sensory message that you need to get out of bed.

"If you're like me and you hit snooze while you're still sleeping without realizing it, you need this," wrote one shopper. "I work full time on an ambulance, and honestly, I can't decide what's louder, my siren or this alarm clock!"

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Best With Wireless Charging: iLuv Time Shaker Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Iluv Time Shaker

With the iLuv Time Shaker alarm clock, you really get the best of both worlds: a vibrating bed shaker to jolt you out of bed in the morning and a charging station to make sure your devices have a full battery by the time you wake up. It features a Qi-certified wireless charging pad on top of the clock and a USB port that allows you to charge your watch or headphones at the same time. One customer with a hearing impairment said that the shaker is so strong, "there is no way you can sleep through the alarm."

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Best Light Therapy: Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

If you're looking for a calmer start to your day, you might want to try the Philips Wake-Up Light. It gradually gets you up and out of bed with a colored sunrise simulation and a selection of nature-inspired sounds, so you can start the day feeling refreshed and energized—as if you had woken up naturally.

For anyone who finds it particularly hard to get out of bed when it's cold and dark out, this alarm clock makes those early mornings a little bit easier. It also comes with a nighttime dimming feature so that you can make sure you're getting your best night's rest. "This product is the only alarm clock that will always wake me," wrote one heavy sleeper. "I used to have to set three alarms for me to get up, [but] now just one."

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Best Classic Design: Peakeep 4" Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Peakeep 4" Twin Bell Alarm Clock

If you have a serious problem sleeping through your alarm, this little retro-looking alarm clock is for you. Because it doesn't have a snooze button, you'll be forced to either shut the alarm off completely and risk oversleeping or learn to wake up with the alarm.

Plus, it doesn't have an annoying ticking sound like other vintage clocks, so you won't be kept awake at night. "I'm a heavy sleeper…I've had firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars in my front yard and slept through it," said one customer. "This alarm scares me every morning, but it sure does get me awake."

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Best for Kids: Clocky Alarm Clock

Clocky Alarm Clock

If you can't stop yourself from hitting the snooze button, this cute wheeled alarm clock is an easy solution. After just one snooze, it rolls and leaps off nightstands (up to 3 feet high) while beeping random patterns—and it hides until you hunt it down. It's safe to say you won't be able to snooze again until after you catch this clock. Even though plenty of adults in the reviews section have found success waking up with this alarm clock, many said it helps their kids get out of bed in the morning, too. "I bought this for my teen daughter who sleeps through everything," wrote a shopper. "This alarm seems to do the trick [by] getting her out of bed and searching for her Clocky to turn it off."

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Best Value: Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

Travelwey Alarm Clock

At just $20, this simple Travelwey alarm clock is one of the most affordable options on this list. It's super popular among heavy sleepers, many of whom have said it's loud enough to make it hard to sleep through. "There are two speakers on either side of the display that blast ear-piercing alarm noises for five minutes to ensure you wake up," one shopper said. Customers have also loved that the snooze button doubles as a way to turn on and off the nightlight. And thanks to the simple buttons on the back, it's very easy to set alarms and change the time.

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Loudest Option: Screaming Meanie Timer and Alarm Clock

Screaming Meanie Timer and Alarm Clock

The three volume levels on this Screaming Meanie alarm clock can be best described as loud, louder, and loudest, topping out at a whopping 120 decibels (the volume of an ambulance siren). The travel-friendly clock runs on one 9-volt battery and fits easily in your carry-on, ensuring you'll never miss your wake-up call. Shoppers joked that this alarm clock is nearly loud enough to "wake the dead." One wrote: "Not only does the Screaming Meanie get me out of bed in a split second, but we are running to get it turned off ASAP. It is painfully loud and does the job quite effectively."

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Best Smart Option: Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5

You might find it easier to wake up to sounds that you want to listen to—and that's why the Echo Show 5 is the best smart alarm clock for heavy sleepers. With the help of Amazon Alexa, you can set it to wake you up to your favorite song, a radio station, and even some celebrity voices. In addition to the fully customizable alarm options, you'll also get access to all of the other features on the device, like instant updates on the weather and the ability to set reminders. Shoppers loved that the volume gradually increases, and many appreciate that they can set recurring alarms and skip days if needed. "I use my Echo Show every morning," wrote one shopper. "It's a great device to wake you up and let you know what's happening in the world."

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Easiest to Use: Lexon Flip Plus Reversible LCD Alarm Clock

Lexon Flip Plus

Instead of sleepily fumbling with the alarm in the mornings trying to find the "off" switch, simply flip this Lexon alarm clock over to the other side to shut it off. And before you go to bed, just turn it over to the "on" side to set the alarm for the morning. It also comes in a variety of bright hues (like mint and yellow), as well as more subdued colors like black and white. Amazon reviewers raved about how minimalist and lightweight it is, and many people love how easy it is to use. "I love this clock; simple with no frills," said a shopper. "I've had mine for several years and I recently bought one for my 80-year-old mother."

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