It can tell you a lot about your health.


We all know the basics when it comes to our skin: apply sunscreen daily to help prevent skin cancer; avoid excessive exposure to UV rays. But did you know that your wrinkles might offer clues about your health? Or that acne can actually get worse as you age? Watch the video to learn three simple (and surprising) skin facts.

Don’t have time to watch? Read the full transcript:

Your face can offer health clues: Saggy skin may be a sign you need more sleep. Or some research suggests that there may be a correlation between wrinkles and high blood pressure.

When in doubt, get moles checked out: Go to your doctor if you notice a mole with: asymmetry, border irregularity or color variations. Also get moles that are large than the diameter of a pencil eraser checked.

Acne may get worse with age: Estrogen levels drop when you enter pre-menopause, while testosterone stays constant. The imbalance may send oil glands into overdrive, possibly leading to breakouts.