Health spoke to the actress and founder of Pur-lisse skincare about her best beauty secrets.

Updated October 11, 2016
Credit: Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

After battling acne, rosacea, and psoriasis (blame years of heavy TV makeup), Power Rangers star Jennifer Yen set out to heal her complexion, and successfully turned her grandma's Asian beauty secrets into a new skincare line, Pur-lisse. Here's what Health learned after speaking with the beauty boss:

When it comes to skincare, prevention is essential

"It's not like, 'Let's fix this.' It's about maintaining balance and not allowing skin to get irritated. The key: Keep inflammation at bay, both internally and externally. That's why blue lotus is a signature ingredient in my products. It's a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits."

She takes beauty cues from her Grandma

"My grandmother doesn't live at high stress levels. She always ate healthy; I think that let her keep a simple beauty regimen. But she'll still tell me to 'put some makeup on.' As natural as she is, she believes it enhances your features. I love the Blue Lotus BB Cream with SPF 30 ($10 for 0.34 oz.; It makes skin glow."

Her advice? Always add grit to that passion

"If you want to accomplish something, you need to have determination. People use the word 'passion' so much, but you can't be afraid of hard work. There's a Chinese saying that you need to be able to withstand suffering. If not, you're never going to experience true victory."