This Influencer Is Spreading a Powerful Message by Shamelessly Showing Off Her Cellulite

She used to hate her legs—now she loves them.

Just about everyone has cellulite, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Influencer Jess Pack is dedicated to making this clear, and she's putting her legs on full display and revealing her own cellulite to get her empowering message across.

“I could have chosen a different side angle photo where my thigh looked less dimply but my calves and abs were too 🔥 to worry about that,” Pack wrote in a recent Instagram post that shows side-by-side shots of her body facing a mirror and then turned to the side.

Pack used to obsess about the way her legs looked. Now she loves them (as she should), and she doesn’t want to change them at all. “I spent too long trying to hide my legs because I was so insecure about them, their size and texture,” she wrote. “These days I appreciate them so much more for what they allow me to do.”

She explained that even though she’s currently working on toning her muscles at the gym, she hopes she can do so without losing too much of her leg mass. “While you cannot pick and choose where you lose fat, it’s interesting how this time around I wouldn’t mind keeping my leg size unlike last time I was in full on cut mode I wanted my legs to continuously shrink,” she said.

To some, progress means losing weight or gaining muscle. In Pack's view, going from hating her legs to loving them is the kind of progress that’s really important. “That’s growth to me, to now embrace and accept myself as I am while working towards being the best version of myself that I can be.”

It's an attitude worth striving for. Instead of criticizing our bodies and focusing only on what we want to change, let's try to celebrate how amazing they are. Our bodies deserve it.

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