This is one smart bikini.

By Laura Cohen, MIMI Chatter
June 15, 2015

It happens to all of us: You're lounging at the beach, slowly doze off, and eventually wake up to a nasty sunburn. Without reapplying sunscreen, you've exposed yourself to all the risks including sun damage, wrinkles, and skin cancer. And your friend who was supposed to warn you when you were turning red? "Oops."

In response to this pervasive problem, French designer Marie Spinali is launching a line of anti-sunburn swimwear equipped with sun sensors that analyze sun exposure based on the wearer's skin type. The swimsuit sends a text message to her cell phone when she's close to burning and need to put on more sunscreen.

Spinali told The Telegraph, "The project came from an off-the-cuff remark after seeing people looking like lobsters still in the sun." Her main target markets include sun-intensive like Australia and Brazil, where people are constantly on the beach and in the sun.

The line features a mix of swimsuits that start at €150, or about $168. It also includes a beach towel, and a children's version is in the works, complete with a GPS alert to warn parents if their kids wander too far away. Technology is amazing.

Of course, this all serves to remind us the importance of sun protection and the need to use sunscreen and reapply it often (even when your bathing suit doesn't tell you to do so).

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