It can also be used with other oils to tackle issues ranging from allergies to anxiety.

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Aromatherapy isn’t limited to a chic essential oil diffuser on your bedside table. Plenty of clever products let you reap the health benefits of your favorite essential oils without dealing with the hassle of water tanks and extension cords. In fact, there’s even a way to get the sinus- and cough-relieving benefits of eucalyptus essential oil on the go: the ESYM Eucalyptus Scent Pod Kit ($13; 

The unique kit comes with a thoughtfully constructed scent pod designed to fit into your hand or pocket. It features a ventilated top that disperses the scents of your favorite essential oils for a chance to energize, refresh, or soothe your senses in any location. (These days, that’s most likely the couch, bed, or home office.) 

While you can fill the pod with any essential oil, it comes with a eucalyptus-based blend—a top pick if you’re currently battling mild cold symptoms like congestion or a cough. Often found in over-the-counter medicines, eucalyptus essential oil is a proven expectorant, which means it loosens mucus for your body to cough up. Plus, it has a high percentage of 1,8 cineole, an organic compound that researchers discovered was a safe and effective treatment for sinusitis in a study published in 2009

To top it off, the oil also has a notable menthol aroma. According to a previous interview with Bryan Combs, a certified nurse practitioner at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing, this is likely why it can help relieve sinuses. The menthol creates a cooling sensation, so you feel like you’re breathing better even if congestion is the same. 


Regardless of your desired essential oil pick, the pod is super easy to use: Simply unscrew the top, add 2 to 3 drops of essential oils, and sniff away. When the scent starts to fade, you either add additional drops of the same oil or rinse the container and swap in a new pick, like your favorite oils for allergies or anxiety

Best of all, the portable diffusing pod is currently half-off at Nordstrom, so you can score your own natural remedy for mild cold symptoms for just $13. Plus, Nordstrom is offering free shipping on all orders right now, so you won’t have to spend extra to get it delivered to your door. (However, with Nordstrom’s surprise sale on beauty going on, we wouldn’t be surprised if your cart accumulated a few additional bargains.) 

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