These Women are Talking About Their Vulvas in Detail on YouTube—Here's Why

Body positivity means your entire body, including below the belt.

Body positivity is the buzzword of the moment. But when was the last time you heard a discussion about body positivity below the belt, or feeling confident and good about the appearance of your private parts?

A recent YouTube video from sexologist and personality Shannon Boodram, aka Shan Boody, explored just that. Boodram put together self-recorded clips from a variety of women, each describing what their vulvas looked like after they checked themselves out down below. Boodram said she created the video to prove there's no such thing as a "normal" vulva.

"We rarely get to see them and when we do, it's a particular kind of genital [region] that gets put to the forefront," Boodram said in the introduction of her video. The perfectly symmetrical and evenly pigmented vulvas in medical or health textbooks or in porn can leave the typical woman feeling like there's something wrong with her vaginal area—when in fact vulvas come in all different sizes, can be thin or plump, have different shades and pigments, and can be asymmetrical.

In the YouTube video, the women opened up about the pigment of their vulva. One described hers as "the same color as the rest of my body but when you kind of open the labia...then inside it's pink." Another said hers had changed color over time. "It's black," she said. "It used to be red, like pinkish red." Others described theirs as "light brown with a tint of pink," "pinkish orange," and "brown."

The women also talked about size and proportion. "One of the inner lips . . . is bigger than the other," said one participant, while another explained that her left lip was plumper than her right, especially when she got aroused. "When I was growing up, I thought my vagina was weird because the lips hang," a different woman confessed.

Clearly this honest and relatable clip about female genitalia is resonating with women (it's racked up 17,000 views in a day). Viewers have left comments like "Hell yes! Love this video" and "Thank you Shan for putting this together and setting standards and a level of comfort for women when it comes to their self image." Others even shared descriptions of their own vulvas in the comments section to keep the conversation rolling.

Celebrating vagina diversity—we're totally on board with that.

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