Can You Get Pregnant if Your Partner Has a Micropenis? What an Expert Says

Does size matter if you're trying to conceive?

The age-old debate about whether or not size matters have failed to hone in on one specific question: Does penis size matter in terms of fertility? We asked an expert, and the short answer is: probably not.

"Basically, the key is to place the semen in the vagina, and once that happens [conception is] based on the quality of the sperm, not the size of the [penis]," Michael Reitano, MD, a physician in residence for men's health service Roman, tells Health.

Dr. Reitano says that if your partner has a small penis, this doesn't mean he's less likely to impregnate you, just as a guy with a lar-ge penis isn't extra fertile.

Okay, but what about a guy with a micropenis—a medical term for an erect penis that measures just 2.8 inches or shorter?

Dr. Reitano says that most men with micropenises aren't less fertile, but there are some exceptions. A micropenis is caused by a hormonal abnormality during early fetal development; basically, a baby destined to be a boy doesn't get enough testosterone. Some of the conditions that cause this hormonal abnormality can also lead to infertility. So if a partner with a micropenis has one of those conditions—such as a growth hormone deficiency—he could be infertile.

"There are a bunch of genetic abnormalities that lead to micropenis that are causing the lack of testosterone in the first trimester," Dr. Reitano says. However, most men with micropenis produce normal sperm and don't experience fertility issues, he adds.

Having a micropenis does pose another potential problem. "The penis can be so small that penetration becomes a bit of an issue. Then the placement of the semen far enough into the vagina is limited," says Dr. Reitano.

If this is the case, certain sex positions can boost your chances of getting pregnant. "Most people will find they [prefer] rear entry or the woman on top so she's able to take control of the positioning of the penis," he explains.

Small penis–friendly sex positions include doggie style, and female-on-top (cowgirl) style.

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