This Kegel Exercise Device Is So Effective, It's Recommended by Physical Therapists

And secretly doubles as a vibrator.

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Keeping track of your reps during a workout is hard enough, and when the exercise is kegel, it's nearly impossible. That's because the strength-training move in which you tighten and relax the pelvic muscles is limited to the same grip-and-release action over and over again. Not to mention, it's all internal, so you can't see the improvement over time. But with benefits like better sex and greater bladder control, Kegels are a daily chore worth conquering, and there's a device out there that makes them just a little more enjoyable.

Similar to kegel balls, the Joy On Kegel Exerciser is inserted into the vagina. However, unlike kegel balls, this high-tech alternative has sensors and Bluetooth technology that track your grip and speed. It then gives real-time feedback on your workout via internal vibrations and data in its connected smartphone app to encourage progress.

While the device might sound intimidating, 2 built-in games make it less so. Each targets a specific action—repetition or strength—to advance your overall kegel skills. But you don't have to use them to take advantage of the technology, as there's also a manual mode for custom workouts.

It's the only kegel exercise device recommended by the American Physical Therapy Association. And as the best-selling bladder control device on Amazon with more than 2,100 perfect ratings, the Joy On Kegel Exerciser clearly delivers on its promises.

joy on kegel exerciser

To Buy: Kegel Exerciser with App Joy On

"I've bought every kind of Kegel device you can buy; the Yoni Egg, weights, you name it," wrote one 5-star reviewer. "This is the best one you can buy. I've been doing kegels wrong up 'till now. Don't spend your money on anything else, trust me."

A pelvic floor physical therapist agreed: "I love the device. I see many women in my clinic that are not activating their pelvic floor muscles correctly, even after I teach them. We are busy women, if we are going to take the time to do 'kegels,' you may as well do them correctly. The app gives you a visual and helps you target ALL of the correct muscles, which is a very hard task without help. I've been recommending it to many of my patients after trying it out for myself!"

Plus, the kegel exercise isn't just beneficial for bladder control after childbirth or less painful sex: It also comes with 4 therapeutic massage modes. They're designed to help you learn which muscles to contract, but shoppers say adjusting the angle of the exerciser actually makes it the perfect g-spot vibrator. In fact, one user even gave in-depth instructions on how to achieve a penetrative orgasm with the device. (You can thank them later!)

Best of all, adding the kegel exerciser into your routine only takes 15 minutes per day, so you'll be a kegel queen in no time. Shop the customer-loved Joy On Kegel Exerciser on Amazon.

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