10 Stunning Breastfeeding Photos for World Breastfeeding Week 2019

Let's hear it for all the moms.

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Photo: PhotoAlto/Anne-Sophie Bost/Getty Images

It's World Breastfeeding Week, and women everywhere are repping their new-mom pride by sharing some of their favorite breastfeeding photos on social media. From playful shots of motherhood to raw photos of its challenges, moms across the internet have opened up about this emotional part of welcoming a little one into the world.

Lillian Jamfar, one of the many new mothers to share her experience with breastfeeding, wrote a refreshingly honest caption that just about all mamas can relate to.

“We see the beauty and know the great benefits when you nurture your baby but we don’t see enough of the struggles that come with it. The sacrifices that we feel we should do in order to create this bond. People don’t talk enough about how much it still hurts to breastfeed after a year,” Jamfar wrote in the post.

“Mamas who are going through breastfeeding right now, I fucking bow down to you, you are a queen and deserve to be fed all the snacks you crave for to make up for the calories you’re burning. You are all doing an amazing job and don’t ever let a pretty picture make you forget that,” she added.

Below are just a few of the other stellar mothers who prove that breastfeeding can be magical, but it's not always all sunshine and rainbows. Take a look at these stunning shots.

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