When I was pregnant with my daughter a few years back, there were precious few choices when it came to maternity workout wear. Did I say few? Make that none. I was reduced to buying regular women's size XL (versus my usual size M), which fit my growing belly but not the rest of me. Hey, nothing like looking dumpy when you're already feeling like a burgeoning land whale!

To add insult to injury, in order to comfortably ride my home Spin bike, I had to resort to slitting the waistband on a pair of my cycling shorts—not pretty, as you can imagine. And not the best motivation to exercise, either.

But take heart, exercise-loving moms-to-be: Times have changed. Maternity workout wear isn't only easy to find now, but in many cases, it's actually downright stylish and flattering.

Case in point: The For Two Fitness line of graphic tanks and tees, which sport quips like "Six Pack Abs" (above an image of a half-dozen baby bottles), "Sweating for Two," "Belly Up to the Barre," and "Body by Baby." The brightly colored fabric is soft and light, the hem is long enough that your granny panties won't peek out, and the racerback is super sporty. What's more, the ruched sides let the tank "grow" with your belly so you don't look like you're wearing a sack during those early bump-growing weeks.

It's not the only company that's hopped aboard the prenatal sweat-fest bandwagon, either. Here are two more worth a visit:

  • Fit Maternity: You can't beat 'em for sheer number of great options, including bike shorts, sports bras, and swimsuits.
  • Reebok for Motherhood Maternity: An excellent place to snag all the basics (except, weirdly, workout shorts) without emptying your wallet.

All in all, this welcome trend is almost enough to make me wish I were pregnant again so I could wear some of these cute pieces. Almost.