Mom Reveals Every Postpartum Challenge She's Dealing With (Even Hemorrhoids)—and Why They're Worth It

There's so much more to becoming a mom than the major body changes during and after pregnancy.

Social media is filled with posts from pregnant women and new moms chronicling the annoying, even painful side effects of carrying a baby—think morning sickness, loose skin, and sleepless nights. But one mom went beyond these issues and used before and after photos to show the real health fallout of pregnancy.

And you know what? Despite all of the body setbacks, she wants people to know that having a child is worth it in the end.

Katie Flores, a Buffalo, New York native, shared side-by-side belly-bearing photos on Instagram on February 3. One showed her when she was pregnant, her naked belly big with baby. Next to it was a photo of herself holding her infant three months postpartum. The mom-of-three wrote on her stomach “Worth it all!” in both photos to make her point clear.

“I previously wrote about the hardships of my pregnancy but despite them all it was still worth everything,” Flores wrote in her caption. “Here we are 3 months postpartum and my hair is falling out more and more, I have loose skin and my belly button will officially never be the same. I’m still holding onto an extra 10 lbs and hemorrhoids that won’t quit. Working through pp anxiety/depression on the daily. Less sleep, more messes, more diapers, and less me time.”

“But guess what, it is STILL worth ?? it ?? all!! I love my babies more than anything in this world,” she wrote. “They fill my life with love and purpose and I wouldn’t want it any other way!”

Flores's message resonated with her followers, and prompted other women to comment about their experiences with postpartum life and motherhood.

"Thank you for being so open with everyone, I’m 2 months PP trying to love this new mom bod," another woman added. "Posts like this make me remind myself that everything is so worth it!"

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