This Woman Transforms Ultrasound Photos Into Gorgeous Paintings

Moms-to-be will love QuaintBaby Ultrasound Art.

Most expecting parents treasure that first grainy sonogram image of their baby in utero. But for moms and dads who want something more artistic and inspired, there's Quaint Baby Bespoke Ultrasound Art. Here, Dublin-based artist Laura Steerman takes that sonogram and transforms it into a beautiful work of art.

"The idea for Quaint Baby bespoke ultrasound art hatched from my pregnancies with my daughters," Steerman wrote on her website. "The ultrasound photographs I treasured were too small to hang on a wall, too vague to blow up and even the colours didn't seem to do their joyful dispositions justice."

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Steerman shares her work on her Instagram page, @quaintbaby_ultrasoundart, and the images are amazing. On her site, she said each commission starts with a photo, then a discussion about "#colorfulinspiration," sizing, and styling.

Every piece Steerman creates celebrates the connection between a mom and her growing baby. On her website and social pages, she fills in the backstory of what inspired her work. This one below was commissioned by a mom who loved dancing during her four pregnancies.

With different color schemes and designs, each painting is a unique portrayal of the relationship between mom and baby in the womb. Though she's based in Ireland, Steerman ships her paintings worldwide.

To view more works of art like these, or to order your own ultrasound-inspired painting, visit Steerman's website or Instagram page.

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