This tiny trickster doesn't want her Dad to cut her nails.

Clipping your newborn’s nails can be terrifying, especially for the first time. What if they start squirming, and suddenly you snag skin instead of the nail? This baby from Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, clearly saw the fear in her dad’s eyes when he approached with nail scissors in hand, so the baby genius decided to play a little trick on him.

As he zeros in for a nail trim, she starts fake crying out in pain, so her dad recoils. But she can’t keep the charade going for too long, and adorably starts laughing, dissolving her dad into deep belly laughs along with her.

The baby Einstein’s mom, Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama, posted the video to her Facebook page on Sept. 5th, where it’s now racked up close to 27 million views. The footage was also posted on Youtube.

While this dad had trouble getting to his daughter’s tiny nails, he’s on the right track with a set of baby nail scissors. Those, which should have blunt rounded tips, along with a nail file or emery board to smooth the nails, are the best choices to trim down a baby’s finger and toenails. They also explain that, unfortunately for this dad, a baby’s fingernails grow rapidly, and need to be cut at least once a week. The toenails can wait a little longer, about twice a month, but it’s important to keep all their nails short so your baby doesn’t scratch themselves (or you, let’s be honest).

This dad should watch out though, his cute baby prankster is probably saran wrapping the toilet as we speak.