Parenting isn't a competitive sport, but it can sometimes feel that way. This video mocks every stereotypical debate: Working moms versus stay-at-home moms. Home birthers versus hospital mamas. Breast-exclusive versus formula-assisted.

Parenting isn’t a competitive sport, but it can sometimes feel that way. That’s why this funny video from formula brand Similac is striking such a powerful chord with moms and dads.

The spoof depicts a snarky face-off at the playground between rival parenting tribes, including bottle-feeding moms, breastfeeders, working moms in suits, #babywearing yogis, and even a group of barbecuing dads. It's hilarious, yes, but the ending message will also warm your heart.

“Drug-free pool birth, dolphin assisted,” one mom brags as she taps her carriage.

“You push, we cuddle,” retorts another, wearing her baby snug-as-a-bug on her chest.

“Helicopter mom, 12 o’clock!” one of the fathers yells as his buddies laugh.

These familiar child-rearing debates seem, well, totally silly when set to a hip-hop background beat. (A mom in a nursing cover-up actually does a chest pump during the back and forth.)

The trash-talking is about to spiral into an all-out throwdown, but as the parents converge on the sand, an unattended stroller begins rolling down a hill and they all race to save the adorable little girl inside.

I know this is a commercial to promote a product. But I still got a little choked up as the moms and dads celebrated the rescue. Whether you plan to buy formula or not, it's a powerful reminder: “No matter what our beliefs, we are parents first.”