You have to see this amazing birth photo.

In April, Australian actress Teresa Palmer delivered her daughter, Poet, via a water birth. To commemorate her baby's half-birthday on October 12, Palmer shared an an intimate photo of herself holding her newborn in a tub of water shortly after giving birth.

“[Six] months ago, almost to the very minute I cuddled you in close, new mama of her baby daughter,” she wrote in her caption. “Sheer joy, love, relief and exhilaration captured here. It was always you Poet Lake, our dream girl. We feel so lucky to have you. Happy half birthday darling.”

In July, Palmer shared a similar photo of herself and her husband from her water birth, calling it “one of the three happiest moments of my life,” in her Instagram caption. (The other two moments are presumably the births of her first two kids.)

Water birth is an increasingly popular option for pregnant women; it basically involves delivering the baby in a small body of water, like a bath or pool. According to the American Pregnancy Association, giving birth in water is thought to soothe labor pains, reduce stress hormone levels, and provide buoyancy for an easier delivery.

Teresa’s post received dozens of comments applauding her for sharing her beautiful photo, as well as many wishing her daughter a happy half-birthday.

“As a midwife, I get to see this moment unfold time and time again and it never ever gets old,” one fan commented. “First baby or tenth baby, you know that each time is as special as the last.”

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