These incredible shots show all of the beautiful moments of giving birth.

By Christina Oehler
Updated April 01, 2020

It's not unusual for a woman to bring in a professional photographer to capture her childbirth experience on camera. But the images don't always come out as stunning as the ones Taylor Giavasis recently shared, which show her giving birth to her son last month.

The Instagram personality (and girlfriend of Vine star Nash Grier) posted the incredible photos of her home birth on Instagram on September 27, just days after little Malakai Giavasis-Grier came into the world.

Shot by Danielle Nicole Photography, the images show Giavasis, 22, in various stages of childbirth: laboring while learning on a bed, lying on her back with delivery impending, and then the sweet moments after the birth, holding Nash and nursing her newborn (who clocked in at more than 10 pounds, FYI).

“9.24.19 my 10.4 pound angel came earth-side completely unmedicated,” she wrote in her caption. “Home birth was the most intense experience of my lifetime and showed me my strength could go far beyond any boundary. I’m so thankful to have been able to have had a healthy birth.”

Giavasis, who has over 818,000 followers on Instagram, received tons of love for sharing the stunning shots.

"You look beautiful even while in labor. That's the beauty of motherhood. You're one amazing and strong woman," one fan wrote. Another added: "these pictures are raw, wholesome and undeniably exquisite. so beyond ecstatic for this new chapter for you and your family."

Since giving birth, Giavasis has posted more photos of her postpartum journey. Yesterday, she shared a sweet post celebrating her one-month anniversary of momhood, giving her fans an update on her new life.

"Today marks one month of being a mother," she wrote in her post. "I’ve endured the struggles of breastfeeding, healing while taking care of a newborn, sleepless nights and many emotions I’ve never felt before. I’ve grown so much each day and with every challenge I am shown my strength. My sweet little angel lights up my world - I’m beyond grateful to experience the gift of motherhood and all the love it brings."

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