Or should we say, try to explain.

Updated October 24, 2018

Any woman who’s had a baby knows midwives and doulas can be seriously helpful during childbirth. Although we get how important they are, men on the other hand are, well, clueless. The Sex-Ed Guys are back, and this time they’re (trying to) explain what midwives and doulas are.

First, they’re not the same thing, sorry guys. And no, a doula isn’t a leader of the midwives. Try again.

A doula is actually a non-medical helper who supports a woman through childbirth and helps her stay calm. They’re sometimes called birth coaches, and they also support the family during the postpartum phase.

Now onto midwives, or highly-trained medical professionals who assist in both labor and delivery.

Hold up, let’s not get off track here, boys. Midwives are not physicians, but they do work closely with ob-gyns during a woman’s pregnancy and childbirth. Similar to nurses, midwives are there to help the mother-to-be if something seems off. Midwives can also perform deliveries.

So there you have it, the major difference is that midwives are trained medical professionals who can aid in childbirth, while doulas are non-medical people who support the woman through the process.

Not too shabby, guys, but hopefully this clears up the details a bit.

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