Even a third-trimester baby bump can't get in the way of this Grand Slam–winning superstar's devotion to fitness.

Serena Williams broke the internet back in April, after she announced that she was 20 weeks pregnant by posting a sweet selfie featuring her rounded belly.

Now the tennis superstar has hit the 35-week mark. And if you thought Williams was going to take it easy during the last month before her due date, then we've got a video to show you. This week, Williams took to Snapchat and shared a couple clips revealing that she's still beasting it at the gym.

In the video, the mom-to-be performs ball slams with a weighted medicine ball. She also sled pushes with perfect form—a feat that's hard enough without a third-trimester baby bump.

Personal trainers love adding these moves to their routines because they provide a total-body burn. But we're not surprised Williams continues to do them while pregnant, considering how in shape she is and her insane (and inspiring!) devotion to fitness.

Despite all the controversy about intense workouts during pregnancy, it's safe for pro athletes like Williams to power through their routines while expecting—so long as they feel up to it and their doctor gives them the all-clear, Michael Cackovic, MD, an ob-gyn at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, told Health in a previous interview. "For an elite athlete, aerobic fitness can stay the same, or improve slightly, while pregnant if she stays fit," said Dr. Cackovic.