The Internet is filled with creative pregnancy announcements, but you need to see how this Youtube family takes this trend and turns it on its head.

By Nicole Love
August 07, 2015

Youtube is already overflowing with creative pregnancy announcements, with a mom-to-be surprising her partner with the exciting news. There are many variations in this canon of Internet ephemera: some are heartfelt, some comical, but this Youtube family just took the trend and turned it totally on it's head.

Sam Rader, co-star of the popular Youtube channel Sam & Nia, uploaded a video yesterday in which he succeeds at surprising his wife Nia Rader with the news of her own pregnancy.

Filming in the couple's bathroom, he begins by explaining that he's always wanted to surprise Nia by telling her that she's expecting, and that the night before while he was at work, Nia texted him to say her period was two weeks late.

He proceeds to collect Nia's urine from the toilet with a dropper—whispering "she thinks I'm in here going poop!"—and then drips some of her pee onto a home pregnancy test. After seeing a positive result, Sam freaks out for a few minutes, before heading out to the kitchen to tell her.

First, he teases her about her possible pregnancy, to which she replies, "We're not going to announce it like this ... I haven't even taken a test yet." That's when Sam runs back to the bathroom (around the 4-minute mark) to get the test that he took for her.

Nia can't believe it at first of course, just laughing it off. But then—either she knows her husband all too well, or this whole thing was staged—she says, "What did you do? Did you get a dropper out of the toilet?"

The rest of the video, which has now been viewed more than 4 million times, shows how Sam and Nia's adorable two kids react to the news.