This video goes from sweet family moment to NSFW *real* quick.

You might remember Sarah and Robbie Tripp from Robbie’s viral 2017 post that features an oh-so-cringeworthy ode to his wife and her “curvy body”—and how the internet turned it into a meme without any hesitation. Anyway, the couple just announced the arrival of their first child together, a son named Taz, who was born on October 12. (They shared the over-the-top announcement on Instagram, of course.)

On October 20, Sarah Tripp shared a very graphic montage video of herself in labor, the actual delivery, and the first few moments with her new family of three. Now, if you're expecting a subtle, behind-the-curtain clip of Sarah welcoming her new son, you're in for a surprise. The video starts off with a few sweet husband-and-very-pregnant-wife moments before and then out of nowhere, WHAM—you're hit with a NSFW shot of her newborn covered in blood.

“Happy one week to our baby boy,” she wrote in her caption. “it’s been such a short time and yet gone so fast, and we already can’t imagine our lives any other way. i always knew i wanted to do a birth video, but since having this special experience of bringing our son into this world, i actually couldn’t decide whether or not to share this precious and tender moment! but then i thought about how you’ve all been so amazing and supportive and wanted you to be able to share in how our beautiful boy came into our family. it makes me so happy that Taz already has so much love from all of you internet aunties and uncles out there.”

In July, Sarah opened up about her struggles with her weight during pregnancy, and how she hit 202 pounds. In an emotional post, she said that although she felt bad about herself for gaining so much at first, she came to terms with it because extra pounds are necessary to nurture the life that was growing inside her body.

Since giving birth, it appears that Tripp has been focusing more on her new son than her body image. She even created an Instagram account for the two-week-old (Taz has an incredible 13,000 followers already). Remember that next time you only get 10 likes on your post.

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